What’s new in Shopping 5.2, the enterprise App Store

What’s new in Shopping 5.2, the enterprise App Store

1E has released the latest version of Enterprise App Store – Shopping 5.2 – and we’re really excited to share the new features and enhancements we’ve added. Most of them are aimed at helping improve user experience and ensure it integrates seamlessly with the rest of your IT landscape – including IT support. We’ve made the new version of the Enterprise App Store smarter and more secure, as well as making sure it is entirely based on the latest browser-friendly technology. Everything you need to know about Shopping 5.2 is on our product pages, but here are some highlights to whet your appetite.

Mobile App Support – Deep Links

Shopping now supports the mobile app type and enables users to “shop” for mobile apps on commercial app stores.

Enhanced Social Features

We have added a selection of social features to help make app selection more intuitive. The Shopping interface now displays both Popular Apps and Latest Apps and includes functionality that allows users to rate and “like” apps as they would in any other app store.

  • Win 10 Support – As you’d expect, Shopping 5.2 is fully compatible with Windows 10, for a fuller user experience.
  • OS Filtering – Since many customers will be planning a migration in 2016, we’ve expanded our OS filtering functionality so that Shopping 5.2 now allows you to filter Configuration Manager apps based on OS compatibility.
  • FIPS Compliance – For US-based customers, we can now confirm that Shopping 5.2 is fully FIPS compliant. This is particularly beneficial for Federal customers who need to adhere to a minimum encryption standard.
  • Support for Multiple CM providers – There is no need to worry about the security risk that comes with a single point of failure as Shopping now offers support for multiple CM providers.
  • Additional ITSM APIs – Integration of Shopping with ITSM is a popular choice with our customers – which is why we’ve added 7 new APIs to further enhance ITSM integration scenarios such as ServiceNow.
  • New Shopping Agent – The new agent is based on the latest technology – ensuring that Shopping continues to work with Google Chrome and other browsers as plug-in support is deprecated. It’s also compatible with our earlier versions – Shopping 5.0 and 5.1

If you’re new to our Enterprise App Store and want to learn more about how you can benefit from these features, contact one of our experts. For existing customers, you can see the full list of new features, fixes and updates for Shopping 5.2 on our support portal.


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