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Beat the 2020 Deadline: Get to Windows 10 on Schedule and on Budget Q/A

Beat the 2020 Deadline

This is the kind of webinar you’ll want to listen to again.

Lucky for you, we always make that possible. Check out the on-demand session here.
At the end of all our live webinars, we always have a quick question and answer sheet for attendees to fill out. One of the questions we asked after this particular webinar was, “How far along are you in your Windows 10 migration?” Of those who responded, nobody was at 100% and more than half were at less than 25%. No matter where you are in your Windows 10 migration, there’s still time to get over the line before the January 14th, 2020 Windows 7 support cut-off. That’s what the experts who hosted this webinar will be able to help you accomplish.
If you’re amongst the many who still have a ways to go, this webinar recording will help you manage the following common migration challenges and more:

  • Insufficient resources
  • Application management challenges
  • Remote workers
  • End-user disruption and scheduling issues
  • Bandwidth problems

Here are a few questions asked during the live session.

Question: Can the Win 10 upgrade process restrict users from perpetually delaying their upgrade (i.e. cannot schedule upgrade past X date or can only defer X times)? Also, is there any reporting to show which users have completed the upgrade, which are outstanding, etc.?
Answer: Yes, you can put a final date in for the users and force the users to upgrade. Yes, there is reporting built into the shopping OSD piece to keep on progress
Question: How does the system handle user-configuration for non-Microsoft applications e.g. a CAD application that has different settings from one user to another?
We have parsed in scripts for the user configuration of applications if they require customization per user. A lot of the ‘persona’ settings can generally be picked up by the USMT wizard as well with customizations.
If you have questions after watching, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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