On-demand Webinar

Beat the 2020 deadline: Get to Windows 10 on schedule and on budget

No matter where you are in your Windows 10 migration, there’s still time to get over the line before the January 14th, 2020 Windows 7 support cut-off.

What many organizations will require to make it, however, is help and guidance.

If you’re among them, don’t panic. This exclusive 1E webinar will give you the expert help you need to manage the following common migration challenges and more:

  • Insufficient resources
  • Application management challenges
  • Remote workers
  • End-user disruption and scheduling issues
  • Bandwidth problems

In this era of digital disruption, speed and automation is key. Join us and learn how to accelerate your Windows 10 journey, now.


  • Frank Ragsdale
    Frank Ragsdale
    IT Manager, Desktop Engineering
  • Gary Edwards
    Gary Edwards
    Solutions Engineer, 1E