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Migrating to Windows 10 with Modern/Co-management: what you can and can’t do

windows servicing

1E’s Windows Servicing Suite (WSS) leverages ConfigMgr to automate all the Windows 10 migration scenarios, with, or without Modern Management solutions.

That includes Wipe-and-Load, in-place upgrade, break/fix rebuild, PC replacement, and BIOS to secure UEFI, as well as automate the ongoing Windows update process. As increasing numbers of businesses seek to reach Windows 10 before Microsoft’s 2020 Windows 7 support cut-off, all will want to consider the best approaches and tools that can help get them over the line securely. And of course, most importantly, on time and on budget.
While many will consider augmenting Configuration Manager with third-party tools such as 1E’s, many will also be curious to know how Microsoft’s Modern IT Management services can help with Windows updates, with or without CM.
As the (looming) 2020 date grows ever more important to meet, we’ve carefully analyzed all of these options, for all the migration scenarios. For instance, there’s a solution to your PC replacements. Take a look in the videos below.

What if you have to do a complete PC replacement?

An ongoing operational requirement beyond your migration, finding the right method for new machines is especially important.
[vimeo_video id=”320794222″]

How about a Wipe-and-Load scenario?

An update method as common as it is complex, here’s how 1E can make a difference to any Wipe-and-Load migration.
[vimeo_video id=”320794292″]

Looking to do an in-place upgrade?

This is the quickest way to migrate existing devices to Windows 10. But, even here there are limitations to a wholly native Microsoft approach.
[vimeo_video id=”320794245″]

Windows Servicing…what happens next?

You’ve migrated! That’s great. However, once your devices are on Windows 10, you still have semi-annual feature updates to plan for. Explore the options for this ongoing process.
[vimeo_video id=”320794270″]
In conclusion, whatever your Windows migration issues are, 1E can help. Get in touch today.


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