Mar 28, 2018 Mandy Fisher

Getting creative with Tachyon

Getting creative with Tachyon

What’s the first thing you do after deploying Tachyon in your IT environment? This is a common question asked by new and potential customers alike, wishing to get the most out of our real-time remediation solution.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been looking at some of the unique extensible capabilities of Tachyon. Firstly, we introduced the Tachyon Exchange, the community resource site that houses ready to use (and free) solutions to the most common challenges facing SecOps teams today. The Tachyon Exchange is used to share instruction sets, known as Product Packs, videos, and use-case information, as well as acting as a forum to interact with other users and the Tachyon development team.

We also introduced you to the new Tachyon SDK which puts the power of extending Tachyon in your hands, using the Tachyon Instruction Management Studio (TIMS). With these resources, users will quickly pick up the basics of extending and using Tachyon at speed and scale in their own organizations. Even better, the Tachyon Exchange makes it easy for users to become contributors themselves to the growing community, building and modifying up-to-date solutions for emergent issues as they happen.

This week, we wanted to show you how Tachyon is being used in the real world. We were able to get up close and personal with real customers who were interested in learning how to write their own instruction sets.

In an effort to provide some inspiration, we organized a workshop to show them how they can get creative by using Tachyon with their existing tools.

Our customers featured in this video were able to create a demo for their clients which delivered some impressive results in a very short time!
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