Dec 04, 2015 Sachin Patel

Hail to the heroes: Announcing the 1E customer heroes program

Hail to the heroes: Announcing the 1E customer heroes program

At 1E, nothing gets us more excited than hearing about the many significant successes achieved by the organizations using our solutions. When your business is building enterprise technologies, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing those technologies bloom and flourish in real world application. While we talk about the successes of our customers all the time both at the office and when we’re out talking to our customers, we wanted to highlight the work of the individuals who have put our solutions to such good use.

That’s why we’ve created the 1E Customer Heroes program. This is about acknowledging the people who bring our solutions to life within their organizations, with the spectacular results to show for it.

Whether the achievement has been to supercharge Windows deployments and migrations, eliminate swaths of unused software from their environment, dramatically streamline their infrastructure or reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint by orders of magnitude, there is always a Hero (or three) responsible for unleashing the 1E technology in order to make that impact.

We know there are hundreds of Heroes throughout our customer community, and we’ll be acknowledging them regularly—every week we’ll honor several new Heroes for their achievements. We’ll be sending them plaques and certificates to acknowledge their recognition, and we’ll be establishing an exclusive Heroes community that all winners will be invited to join.

As one of many at 1E with a focus on the success of our customers, the knowledge that we have so many people and so many organizations who have achieved real successes with our solutions is the most rewarding outcome I can think of. I talk to dozens of our customers every day, and am continually amazed at the work they do and the positive impact they make to their organizations—their IT functions are without exception faster, more responsive and more digitally enabled. In most cases they’ve achieved these results in remarkably short periods of time, and hundreds of customers have reported saving millions through their efforts.

At 1E, we will always be hard at work building world-class technologies to automate the software lifecycle, and we are just as passionate about driving and ensuring the success of our customers. Through the 1E Customer Heroes program, we’ll now have the chance to honor our customer partners and broadcast their achievements to the IT community.

To all of our Heroes—congratulations on your recognition and thank you for your consistent engagement, your hard work and your vision to bring automation to your software lifecycle. We’re thrilled to honor and partner with you.