1E is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing CIOs and IT teams alike. We explore a number of these challenges across our solutions pages, explaining the issues and pointing readers to helpful resources for further answers and information.

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Actionable visibility

Actionable visibility

Do you know all of the software that your business is running, whether good or bad?

Zero-touch automation

Zero-touch automation

Do you know all of the software that your business is running, whether good or bad?

Real-time response

Real-Time response

When a breach occurs, can your teams respond immediately and remediate fully, at scale?

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Solutions for GRC:

Security Standards and Software Asset Management

1E helps you to reduce both the risk and costs associated with GRC (e.g. GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, NIST) and Software Asset Management (SAM) activities by improving visibility and control for all corporate hardware and software assets, even for internet connected endpoints which are not connected to the LAN/WAN/VPN!

Solutions for IT Operations:

End User Computing and IT Service Management

Today more than ever, users expect a seamless IT Experience. For IT Operations and ITSM teams, providing this requires actionable visibility into endpoint health, the ability to respond instantly to Operations or Security issues, and the capability to keep users current with patches and updates without disrupting the wider business.

Solutions for IT Security:

Incident Response and SOC Operations

1E’s real-time threat hunting and incident response capabilities enable you to react to breaches and vulnerabilities up to 300 times faster than our closest competitors. We also provide unparalleled visibility into all of your endpoint devices and the software they run, even for remote, non-VPN connected devices.