Work From Anywhere

More organizations are embracing Work from Anywhere (WFA). 1E can help you deliver an office-like employee experience no matter where your employees are while giving IT full control and visibility.

Work From Anywhere

The WFA world presents unique challenges to IT and compromises the employee experience

The digital workplace just got a lot bigger. It now includes every home and remote location. Your employees expect and deserve to have an experience that keeps them productive and engaged, so treat every endpoint as critical infrastructure.


of employees consider the performance of their endpoint as important


But over half find it runs slower out of the office


of employees wait hours, days, or weeks to get IT issues resolved

72% of employees

68% of employees find work is disrupted while waiting

Highlights from 1E's

Work From Anywhere Enterprise Conferences

Attended by over 3,000 IT leaders, 1E's WFA Conferences tackle the big challenges facing IT today. In these sessions, hear Forrester analyst, Rich Lane, discuss why remote workers' digital experiences matter not more than ever or learn how 1E Tachyon supports the changing landscape of the digital workplace.

How Tachyon supports the hybrid Work From Anywhere Enterprise
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How to choose a digital experience monitoring solution

Three core principles of the WFA IT strategy

IT needs a WFA strategy. 1E can help. Our solution is designed to help IT support employees wherever they are and is built on three core principles.

Respond in employee time,
which is real-time

1E’s platform requires a single packet exchange for most IT operations, so it’s much faster than any other solution. This means IT can troubleshoot, remediate and ultimately respond to employee issues immediately. IT can ensure that all endpoints are performant, compliant, patched, secure, and operational in real time.

Autonomic systems

1E has a simple solution to help you automate endpoint management. With our platform, you can first augment your IT team with automation to improve first call response rates and overall productivity. Once proven, the same automation is used to for self-help through chatbots and autonomic remediation.

Integrated business

1E’s platform integrates deeply with ServiceNow and Microsoft solutions to help you extract maximum value from both investments. IT issues can be resolved directly within the ServiceNow ITSM portal and chatbot, while 1E’s deep integrations into MEM ensures that patching, compliance, remediation consume less effort for success.

1E solutions

1E’s solutions are designed to help IT better support a remote workforce while increasing IT efficiency and productivity. See our solutions to find out how 1E can help you deliver a great employee experience and accelerate digital transformation.

“Especially when the 2020 pandemic hit and work-from-home scenarios became the norm for us, we knew that we needed to implement and utilize Tachyon as quickly as possible in order to increase our remote insight into the configuration and performance of our external endpoints.”

David Sixsmith
Systems Administrator | Automation
Digital Experience Monitoring and

Identify, diagnose and remediate performance issues enterprise-wide instantly

Learn more
Real-Time Management & Security for Remote Endpoints

Get complete control and total visibility of all endpoints, remote or otherwise

Learn more
Task Automation for ServiceNow

Optimize ServiceNow workflow automation with real-time task automation and remediation

Learn more
Software Asset Management

Simplify the management of the end-to-end software lifecycle

Learn more
Windows Self-

Automate Windows and application deployments for employee self-service

Learn more

The 1E difference

IT needs a WFA strategy. 1E can help. Our solution is designed to help IT support employees wherever they are and is built on three core principles.

Making the endpoint personal

The endpoint is more than just a device. It’s a critical piece of the digital workplace infrastructure that, no matter the employee’s location, connects them to the organization. We make endpoints feel personal so employees can get the most value from them and remain engaged, while ensuring IT maintains full control.

Making the endpoint personal

Ensure IT can respond at business speed

In the WFA enterprise, the ability to easily manage endpoints inside and outside the office walls is critical. Our platform enables IT to diagnose and remediate issues immediately and at scale. With our platform, IT can democratize support, enabling junior staff to resolve more issues and employees to help themselves through portal and chatbots. We also guarantee greater success with patching, compliance, operational management and employee experience.

Ensure IT can respond at business speed

Leverage existing investments in Microsoft and ServiceNow

Over 22 years, 1E has helped organizations get maximum value out of their Microsoft investments. We increase your success rates while reducing IT effort. We do same with ServiceNow by adding task automation to their workflow automation, which means junior service desk technicians can close 40% more cases on first call and the ServiceNow Virtual Agent can be augmented with end-to-end task automation for greater ticket deflection. That’s why ServiceNow awarded 1E the ISV Partner of the Year 2020.

Leverage existing investments in Microsoft and ServiceNow

A mature relationship

We understand that your organization is complex, because we have worked with 1,700 of the largest organizations in the world over a 22-year period. Complexity can’t be fixed by consultancy alone—it requires software and automation, which is why we continually invent new solutions and have over 40 patents already. Our Customer Success team consist of many industry-leading technologists and are entirely dedicated to your success for the lifetime of our relationship.

A mature relationship

A zero-risk investment

We believe that software vendors have an unfair advantage over their customers, and we aim to do business in a more equitable manner. That’s why you can use our software for zero cost in production for 6 months. We will help you implement the solution for free as well. If you choose not to use the solution after 6 months, then we will help you remove it for free. No strings attached and no commitment is required. We believe enough in our solutions that we can underwrite their success.

A zero-risk investment

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