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Real-time response

Immediate visibility and control

When a breach occurs, can your teams respond immediately and remediate fully, at scale?

Zero-touch automation

Automate endpoint management

Do you know if all the software in your business is current, patched, & secure?

Actionable visibility

Optimize your assets

Do you know all of the software that your business is running, whether good or bad?

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Automated Windows Servicing

Windows 10 is the most secure Microsoft OS ever. Automated Windows Servicing helps you stay secure and reduce Windows management costs by $474 per endpoint annually.
patch success

Patch Success

The average delay between a vulnerability disclosure and attack is just 7.72 days. Patch Success gives you the speed, ease and precision needed to thwart attacks before they’re launched.
Guaranteed State

Guaranteed State

Strong IT controls reduce risk and help prevent successful cyber-attacks. Guaranteed State lets you maintain standardized configurations at scale.
Enterprise Software Asset Management

Enterprise Software Asset Management

Modern SAM needs to manage license entitlement regardless of connection type. Enterprise Software Asset Management provides real-time visibility into all devices, everywhere.

ServiceNow ITSM Connect

Supercharge your ServiceNow environment with endpoint automation, reducing the cost and time associated with ITSM handling by up to 87%.