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Modern Endpoint Management Completed

Endpoints are hard to manage. Between cyber threats, proliferating devices, a mobile workforce, and our ever-increasing reliance on software, IT Operations has never faced higher stakes or greater expectations. However, by augmenting legacy systems with technology that simplifies, automates, and accelerates everyday tasks, Operations can deliver the services every organization wants and needs. Here’s how…

The Solution

Immediate visibility and control

1E enables real-time reporting and management of all endpoints, wherever they are.

  • Real-time configuration management
  • Guaranteed policy compliance
  • Zero-Day patching
  • End-to-end response and remediation
  • Powerful open API’s allow you to manage this functionality from ServiceNow, Microsoft, and other interfaces as well as through the native 1E consoles

User Experience and Automation

1E focuses on end user experience, wherever they are located, to completely automate mobile-like self-service.

  • Intelligent assistant supports all provisioning, apps, and settings
  • Complete Windows 10 migration projects and stay current

Additional value from platform

  • Drive down costs with Software Asset Management functionality which leverages data from multiple solutions including VMware, ServiceNow, and Microsoft
  • Complete disaster recovery for laptops and desktops in the event of a Not-Petya or WannaCry style cyber attack – quarantine and even rebuild devices remotely
  • Leverage RESTful APIs to easily integrate with ServiceNow, Splunk, SCCM, and other industry-standard tooling to build out automation that meets your organization’s specific needs

Better together


All 1E’s solutions seamlessly integrate with Configuration Manager, giving you greater reach, speed and control.


1E provides ServiceNow customers with unprecedented visibility and remediation capabilities from within the ServiceNow platform.

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