Feb 04, 2021 Navpreet Kundal

Infographic | What your IT teams and employees really think of chatbots

Chatbots or virtual agents are both useful and misunderstood. We break down how they’re perceived in large organizations today by both IT and employees.

Conversational, AI-driven chatbots are starting to attract more attentionOfferings such as 1E’s Virtual Assistant empower IT to deliver personalized, contextual, and real-time support to employees.  

They’re specifically designed to: 

  • Reduce the cost of IT support 
  • Scale support for remote working 
  • Be simple in order to get to a resolution faster 
  • Mirror the self-service channels offered in a B2C interaction 
  • Integrate with collaboration platforms, such as Microsoft Teams 
  • Reduce ticket volume 

This list could be much longer, but the point is there: there are tangible benefits to leveraging chatbots. In fact, in our latest research, we asked IT respondents what they key advantages are of deploying chatbots. They cited their top 3 benefits to be: 

  • Faster time to remediation  
  • Higher user satisfaction 
  • IT spending less time on basic tickets 

Interestingly though, we discovered these positive sentiments weren’t always echoed by employees. In this infographic, we explore the perceptible disconnect between how IT perceives chatbots and what employees really think of them. 

Infographic: What your IT teams and employees really think of chatbots

Based on interviews conducted with employees and IT in large enterprises, 1E’s latest research, “2021: Assessing IT’s readiness for the year of flexible working” highlights the significant gaps in the IT infrastructure that impact the digital employee experience. From self-service automation to security, it helps IT understand what employees need, how they feel, and what they believe constitutes a great digital employee experience. Download your complimentary copy here.