Sep 27, 2016 Thomas McGrath

Media snaps up 1E’s new software report– but what next for IT managers?

Media snaps up 1E’s new software report– but what next for IT managers?

You may have noted the coverage our Software Usage and Waste Report has been getting across the media this month.

“A shocking number of the software applications acquired by companies are considered ‘waste’,” wrote Dennis McCafferty in Baseline. “The current tally of software waste costs US companies $247 per user, or $28 billion,” chimed in Larry Dignan, in ZDNet. “You may just find an area where you could save tons of money a year,” chipped in Brandon Vigliarolo, in TechRepublic. Wherever you went – from to Chief Executive to PYMNTS –  the reaction was broadly the same: the amount of software waste revealed by our study was staggering.

Of course, they’re all absolutely right.  Yet how should companies – how should your company – react to the news?

Inevitably (we live in a busy, easily distracted world) the majority will probably look at the figures – and do nothing. What, though, about the people who remember the old adage that a penny saved is a penny earned – particularly when it’s millions, not pennies, at stake?

We asked 1E SAM expert Jason Keogh this very question…

“Ultimately our job at 1E is to help our customers go from a point of uncertainty, which brings with it risk, to a point of, a: understanding the actual position, and b: being able to take action – to generate results that can improve our business performance. The report should highlight that pretty much everyone has a significant percentage of their IT spend which is just not being used. Armed with that knowledge, they can engage with 1E to get specific details relevant to their organization, and we can facilitate them taking automated action that will reduce their cost within this calendar year.”

1E’s Software Intelligence tool will give you a quick, free snapshot of your own company’s software waste. Sooner or later, though, if you’re really serious about getting those millions back in your pocket, you will reach out directly to our SAM team, who can show you how 1E’s AppClarity can start making a difference.