Apr 18, 2018 Philip Rogers

1E/Microsoft: Fast tracking Windows 10 success in the NHS

1E/Microsoft: Fast tracking Windows 10 success in the NHS

The National Health Service (NHS) is a truly remarkable institution. Made up of over 8,300 separate organisations and served by more than 1.3 million staff, it sees more than a million patients every 36 hours. It has been independently rated as the fairest and most patient-centered health system in the world and is achieving near record levels of satisfaction despite unprecedented increases in demand. The NHS is turning 70 years old on 5 July 2018 and continues to provide free access to care for everyone in England.

NHS Digital exists to improve health and care by providing national information, data and IT services for patients, clinicians, commissioners and researchers. The NHS Digital data and information strategy aims to enable the health and care system to provide the best possible services and to achieve world class health outcomes. A key objective that underpins this strategy is an improvement in end point security and a key technology to deliver this improvement is Windows 10. NHS will mandate the deployment of 1M to 1.5 M instance of Windows 10 spread across the entire NHS.

Microsoft UK reached out to a select group of integration and delivery partners to co-ordinate the combined efforts to accelerate the deployment of Windows 10 across the NHS.

1E has been identified as one of the key Microsoft partners that through infrastructure optimization and automation can streamline, optimize, accelerate and manage not only the migration to secure Windows 10 but also the ongoing life cycle of the Windows 10 (Windows as a Service – “Evergreen”).

Microsoft UK is in the process of organizing events and webinars with the above ecosystem of partners to raise the awareness of the NHS Trusts and their implementation partners on the available and recommended technologies.

To help Microsoft and its customers, 1E has organised a joint 1E/Microsoft webinar dedicated to exploring the Windows 10 challenges in the context of the NHS, with actionable recommendations for success. Don’t miss your chance to experience this incredible journey in this live webinar.