Getting to #MMSMOA

Lauren Bermudez
Lauren Bermudez
May 01, 2018
Getting to #MMSMOA

Over the years, 1E has participated in many tradeshows, user groups, and conferences around the globe. One that we especially appreciate being part of is the Midwest Management Summit (MMS). As you’ve seen over the last 3 weeks, MVP and founder of MMS Brian Mason, along with fellow MVPs Kim Oppalfens, Peter Daalmans, and Kenny Buntinx have given their pro tips and veteran-status advice with regards to attending and speaking at the conference. This week we sit down with the 1E team to learn about what it takes to be a sponsor (a Diamond Sponsor, at that), the logistics of managing a team for the duration of the event, and what to expect if it’s your first time attending. One thing is for sure, 1E will have some incredible social initiatives and of course, our epic party!

Question: What does it take to become a sponsor of MMS?
1E Field Team: Really any organization can reach out to sponsor the event. To really be a great sponsor, it takes months of hard work and creativity. We have really pushed ourselves to try new things over the past year or so to better connect with the audience, get our message out there and have fun! We want attendees to understand how our solutions can help them but also understand 1E as an organization!

Question: How many 1E folks will be in attendance this year?
1E Field Team: We are sending a team of 16 people this year. I know that seems like a lot, but MMS is a fantastic event for us on multiple fronts. We have resources that will be dedicated to our booth to answer questions and demo our solutions. We have others that are attending for educational purposes to attend sessions, speak with attendees and understand what challenges they are facing in their environments. It’s important for us to understand these challenges so we can innovate, create new solutions and continue to improve upon our existing solutions.


Question: What comes to mind when considering your involvement over the past few years?
1E Field Team: We have been participating in MMS since the very first year. I remember reviewing the event prospectus and presenting it to my CMO at the time and trying to convince him that we should participate in the event. He agreed, and the rest is history!

Question: Tell us, from start to finish, the steps it takes to pull off an event of this magnitude.
1E Field Team: There is a lot that goes into an event like this. We started talking about MMS at the end of last year. We usually take some time brainstorming some good ideas for giveaways, activities, party locations, display options etc. first. Once we have a good list we move on to messaging which informs our collateral and booth graphics. When those items are completed we revisit our brainstorm list to narrow it down and chose specific concepts to move forward with and tie into our messaging.  From there, it boils down to strategizing on promotion and content to leverage pre and post event, securing the right resources, logistics, shipping etc. Then finally, setup and execution.

Question: What do you like best about being part of MMS? What separates it from participating in other events?
1E Field Team: The people. The atmosphere at MMS is kind of like a family reunion.  Tons of wonderful people coming together to share, learn, help one another, catch up on each other’s lives and have some fun. It’s the most welcoming trade shows that we have ever participated in. We look forward to it each year.

Question: Without giving too much away, can you tell us about any fun things up your sleeves for this year?
1E Field Team: We can’t say much, but make sure to keep a close eye on @1E_Global Twitter! We have A LOT of fun things going on and the best way to make sure to don’t miss any of it is to follow our social media and accounts and most importantly, stop by the booth and speak to us!

Question: Everyone is already starting to talk about the 1E party. Tell us what makes a company-sponsored party so successful.
1E Field Team: We go the extra mile! We want people to enjoy our parties, so we always focus on unique locations, good food and drinks, atmosphere etc. We make our parties the kind of events that we would want to go to!


Question: Where will the 1E party take place?
1E Field Team: We are headed back to SMAAASH this year! I try to never have a party at the same venue twice, but we are a bit limited at the Mall of America for a crowd of our size. Plus, the party was such a “smaaashing” success last year, we decided to go back. Get ready to game!


Question: A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, but do you make any specific choices at the event when considering direct competitors?
1E Field Team: Honestly, not really. We are our biggest competitor.  We focus more on how we can continue to top our last event, what new things we can try, and how we can create a splash rather than worrying about competitors and what they are doing. We are focused on ourselves and how we can be the best.
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