Apr 28, 2020 Guy Little

The new working from home challenges for EUC and IT

Remote working isn’t new, but everyone doing it at the same time? Yep, that’s new. And with it come some serious challenges for IT and employees alike as they adjust to a new normal.
The new WFH challenges for EUC and IT

The new normal is upon us. The future of work isn’t the future anymore: it’s here. And we need to prepare. The only constant is change, and we’d be foolish to think that this is the only time businesses are going to be turned upside down by something out of our control. The coronavirus pandemic is just one example. But the key is to be in a better position next time something that like does happen. To be able to prepare now so we don’t have to react in the last minute. So what does that look like? Well, there are some key challenges that must be overcome to enable and support remote working at scale…

Infographic - The future of work in now the present

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