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PC Power Management – Agent versus Agentless: The Series

We’ve been running a little series recently about the differences between a PC Power Management system that uses agents versus one that is agentless. The Agentless vendor will give you a list of things to show how their agentless solution can provide value, while trying to show that an Agented system has some drawbacks. We hear these “myths” constantly and what better way to help you, the customer, to understand the real differences than to post it publicly.

This page is the placeholder for the entire series. We’ll continue to “bust myths” on this topic as we hear new ones crop up. If you’ve reviewed a PC Power Management solution before, I’m positive you’ve heard some of these and will definitely find value in knowing the truth.

Part 1: Agent versus Agentless Myth Busting: Agented software usually places additional load on the network

Part 2: Agent versus Agentless Myth Busting: Interference with the operating system and applications

Part 3: Agent versus Agentless Myth Busting: Agents open up the machines to security vulnerabilities

Part 4: Agent versus Agentless Myth Busting: Agentless means there is no agent at all

Part 5: Agent versus Agentless Myth Busting: Protecting user data

Part 6: Agent versus Agentless Myth Busting: Server power management

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