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Tachyon wins Most Innovative Award

Tachyon wins Most Innovative Award

Motivated by the increasing amount of cyber attacks and the growing number of cyber-criminals, hackers, hacktivists, and cyber terrorists, the companies on the InfoSec Awards list all have the common goal: to get ahead of the next breach and keep your organizations safe. Some you’ve never heard of, some you might recognize. But one that stands out from the crowd is 1E.

Any business can define how they are better than their competitors, but talk, as they say, is cheap. The proof is here, in the Most Innovative award in the Endpoint Security division, presented to 1E.

This is the impact of Tachyon. This is how intruders are found. This is how attacks are stopped.

tachyon award

JJ Zettle, Solutions Engineer, accepting the Most Innovative Award at the RSA Conference

Over the years, our engineers and analysts have been diligently working to build a revolutionary product. We’ve painstakingly tested, improved, and continued to build Tachyon, refreshing its capabilities as the industry has pushed and pulled against it. When the world needed a solution to WannaCry, Tachyon was there. When end users looked to their computer manufacturers for help during Spectre and Meltdown, Tachyon was there. Living and responding in the moment is what sets Tachyon apart from any other solution available. Because when you are under attack, you don’t have a minute to spare. In an era with impending, sophisticated security threats, speed is everything.

You need answers in real time- not days later, not even minutes later. In our next webinar, Nathan Dornbrook, CTO and Founder of ECS Security will teach you the elements of threat-hunting and how you can remediate incidents faster than ever before.

tachyon award

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