Apr 26, 2018 Jason Keogh

Threat-hunting at the speed of thought: live webinar with ECS Security

Threat-hunting at the speed of thought: live webinar with ECS Security

Driven by the need to serve the IT industry with unique tools that help them stay safe, save money, and make better business decisions, ECS Security and 1E have common goals. ECS employs one of the industry’s most prominent security teams, providing elite care to some of the world’s largest banks. Both 1E and ECS are seeing businesses facing increased security risks as the pace of new and evolving threats simply outpace the ability of IT organizations to deal effectively with vulnerabilities and implement a robust remediation strategy.

The challenges organizations are facing to find and deal with security threats on a day-to-day basis are consuming SecOps teams, forcing a constant juggling of priorities between business as usual IT work, versus dealing with security vulnerabilities. More often than not, priorities are shifted in favor of keeping the lights on, thus exacerbating the risk exposure from undealt with threats. This is why the likes of Gartner are saying that “Through 2020, 99% of  vulnerabilities exploited will continue to be ones known by security and IT professionals for at least one year.”

Think of your IT estate as a home. When an intruder breaks a window, there’s an immediate reaction from the people inside it. They don’t wait 2 (or more!) weeks to call the police. They get to work right away to fix the window, find out who the trespasser was, and they check to see if anything was stolen. These are logical steps to follow after an intrusion.

Why should your IT estate react differently when a hacker intrudes?

One of the key reasons for this strange-yet-true behavior in the IT security space stems from the current provision of prevalent tools IT has in place. Most solutions deployed today, focus on alerting the SecOps team of the fact that there’s a security issue—they don’t allow for, let alone automate any remediation steps. Any actions to fix a vulnerability is commonly seen as a completely separate task and often will take manual intervention and many days to fix.

Just like wildlife predators in the real world, digital predators prefer to hunt the weakest prey in the pack. IT organizations with slow response times and poor remediation strategies represent easy prey for bad actors. There is a saying amongst safari guides “remember folks, should a lion ever chase you, you don’t need to run faster than the lion. You just need to run faster than the other guy.” Jokes aside, the real question becomes one of just how fast your organization can find and deal with threats.

In a world of increasing amount and sophistication of security threats, speed is everything.

Join Nathan Dornbrook, CTO and Founder of ECS, and me in a live webinar to learn about the difference speed makes when threat-hunting. Getting answers back in real time – rather than minutes – means Security Analysts can react at the speed of thought and ultimately, remediate incidents faster than ever before.