From F to A: How 1E helped the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) make the grade

From F to A: How 1E helped the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) make the grade

The FITARA (Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act) was passed in 2015 in effort to help the government regulate their IT estates through the purchasing and subsequent usage of software. It’s important, very important, for the government agencies to receive a passing grade. The US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) had failed, several times, to make the grade.

The VA’s estate is one of the most expansive and complex systems in the world. No wonder they were struggling to maintain excellence. With over 500,000 unique computing resources including mobile devices, medical devices, workstations, BYOD systems, and servers, the VA was fraught with issues including inventory, deployment, and accurate spending. It was so bleak that it resulted in the VA consistently receiving a failing (F) grade through the FITARA act.

However, there was a solution to the VA’s problems. All of them.

By leveraging the SAM capability and scalability in the 1E AppClarity solution, the VA was soon able to achieve the FITARA rating of A (passing, with flying colors) for Software Licensing under the MEGABYTE Act over the last 2 rating cycles, a vast improvement from the F grade received several years prior to using 1E AppClarity and working with 1E.

Not only was the VA able to keep their score up, the actual savings they were able to accrue after thorough inventory was well over $68 million dollars.

AppClarity is the only SAM tool on the market that is able to handle the volume and complexity of the VA environment. We are proud to have the VA as advocates of the solution. To learn more about the VA’s journey, download the full insight here.

1E and the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)

Learn more about the VA's journey and how they leveraged the AppClarity solution to save over $68 million dollars in addition to improving their FITARA score from F to A.