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1E Brings fully-automated Windows 10 Migrations to Microsoft Ignite 2016


New York and London, September 26, 2016: Think migrating to Windows 10 will be costly, complex and disruptive? Think again.

Windows 10 brings a range of new capabilities to your enterprise, including essential new security features to ensure your data, and your reputation, is protected.

At Microsoft Ignite 2016, 1E will demo its unique fully-automated Windows 10 migration solution, which leverages Configuration Manager to fully automate the whole process – moving your business to Windows 10 quickly, easily, at minimal cost, and without compromising on security, network infrastructure or user experience.

Enabling advanced security features in Windows 10 such as Secure Boot and Device Guard needs hardware to be enabled for UEFI rather than BIOS and to have storage formatted in GPT mode. This normally requires complex manual BIOS configuration, disk wipe, clean OS install and re-install of applications which is a lengthy and potentially error-prone process, especially when needed across thousands of systems in many locations. As a result, organizations have delayed deploying Windows 10 or enabling these features which leaves their desktops vulnerable to attack.

With the release of Nomad 6.1, 1E now provide the only commercially available tool to fully automate the BIOS to UEFI configuration process and, when combined with Nomad’s peer-based backup, OS deployment and PXE boot features, is a critical and unique solution to the challenges of deploying secure Windows 10.

Built from over 15 years’ experience in the field, the 1E solution enables customers to achieve migrations at a rate of 40,000 PCs per month. We deploy a secure Windows 10 desktop with each user’s data and apps ready to go, without the need for disruptive desk-side visits. What’s more, users can choose a suitable time for the migration, rationalize software as part of the process, and provide a single process for office PCs, ATMs and POS devices in remote locations, or even PCs on oil rigs in the middle of the ocean.

Founded in 1997, 1E’s mission is simple: to enable our customers to automate the full software lifecycle across their business. 1E’s Windows 10 Now solution provides migration speed without compromise on security, network infrastructure, or user experience.

Media Contact

Namita Tendolkar,
Communications for 1E

[email protected]

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