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1E launches Nomad 6.1 with unique Windows 10 deployment automation


New York and London, September 7, 2016: 1E, the global leader in software lifecycle automation, has today released a new version of Nomad, the industry standard solution for managing software deployment which focuses on automating Windows 10 deployment, security and further automation of configuration management.

Automated Configuration for Windows 10 Security Features

Enabling advanced security features in Windows 10 such as Secure Boot and Device Guard needs hardware to be enabled for UEFI rather than BIOS and to have storage formatted in GPT mode. This normally requires complex manual BIOS configuration, disk wipe, clean OS install and re-install of applications which is a lengthy and potentially error-prone process, especially when needed across thousands of systems in many locations. As a result, organizations have delayed deploying Windows 10 or enabling these features which leaves their desktops vulnerable to attack.

Nomad’s BIOS to UEFI is the only commercially available tool that fully automates this configuration process and, when combined with Nomad’s peer-based backup, OS deployment and PXE boot features is a critical and unique solution to the challenges of deploying secure Windows 10.

Additional enhancements include:

High Security Content Distribution – Nomad offers a unique ability to compress, encrypt and digitally sign content ensuring that content is not vulnerable and sent from a trusted source.

Office365 Deployment – With the rapid adoption of Office365, IT administrators have been looking for a way to manage deployment of the desktop tools and updates which is now possible with Nomad.

Enhanced Administration Tools – Dashboards & Client Health – All Nomad tools extend Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to provide a familiar interface and fully honor Configuration Manager security. This is further enhanced in Nomad 6.1 with the addition of new administrator dashboards and Nomad client health monitoring which also offers self-repair capabilities.

View the full list of additional features and enhancements in our Nomad 6.1 release statement here.

“For most organizations, Windows 10 is not an “if” but a “when.” However, when considering the effort required to make the most of the new security features, they have been delaying their rollout plans,” said Simon Burbidge, Nomad Product Manager. “With this release of Nomad, there’s no longer a reason to hold off.”

A blog has been published which goes into further detail about the new and enhanced features of Nomad 6.1.

Founded in 1997, 1E’s mission is simple: to enable our customers to automate the full software lifecycle across their business. Using Nomad, 1E’s Windows 10 Now solution provides migration speed without compromise on security, network infrastructure, or user experience.

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