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1E’s Tachyon Solution, the First Tool for True Real-Time Software Patching and Updates, Now Provides Enterprises With More Options For Automating Remediation


New York, NY – June 5, 2017 – 1E, which provides the only software lifecycle automation solutions that can handle both routine IT tasks and emergency actions in real time, announced today that it has added key enhancements to its real-time Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution Tachyon.

Tachyon is the first tool for true real-time patching and software updates across all devices. It layers on top of Microsoft SCCM to accelerate the patch/update process. Several users reported that Tachyon helped protect their companies from the May 2017 WannaCry attacks, both by giving them early warnings on potential problems and by enabling them to instantly update their OS across all devices to eliminate potential vulnerabilities.

“Without Tachyon, it can take a large company a week or more to deploy an ‘emergency’ patch – a very bad thing, as we learned from the WannaCry attack,” said 1E’s founder and CEO Sumir Karayi. “WannaCry drove a lot of inbound interest in Tachyon, as enterprises

look for better ways to stay current on patches and software updates.” Global banks in particular are showing strong interest in Tachyon, with several large implementations in the works.

Today, 1E added new features to Tachyon, most of which are intended to help ease the process of automating remediation actions within the platform, to help IT ops teams be more proactive. Enhancements include:

  • The ability to schedule instructions (so an admin could, for instance, set up a nightly progress report on a critical software rollout program).
  • The ability to detect when agents cannot connect for whatever reason so they can proactively repair issues like certificate expirations or infrastructure failures.
  • Product Pack signing, which ensures that only Product Packs with valid certificates can be executed.
  • The ability to use Tachyon as a standalone tool, for organizations that don’t have Microsoft SCCM
  • More flexibility on instruction management, so uses can more easily map instructions to business structures or security constraints.

A recent 1E survey of 1000+ U.S. IT operations pros found that they spend, on average, about one-third of their time dealing with emergencies. That’s about 14 full weeks a year.  Further, the survey found that, on average, it takes five times longer to remedy a problem than to identify it. Tachyon helps automate many routine tasks including software updates and patches to both reduce time spent on emergencies and accelerate remediation of any problems.

To learn more about 1E solutions for security and IT operations – including Tachyon for real-time patch deployment – visit

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