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Shopping for your Apps has never been easier than with 1E’s Shopping 5.5


New York, New York-– 1E Shopping provides the leading solution for businesses to provide a branded and customized enterprise application store, as well as provide rich self-service capabilities for Windows migrations. Shopping 5.5.0 introduces the Windows Servicing Assistant (WSA) a client-based wizard that acts as a personal assistant. It enables users in the office or working remotely to initiate an OS upgrade or OS refresh (wipe-and-load). Users can even migrate data, settings, and applications from an old PC to a replacement PC at their convenience.
Shopping 5.5 also brings with it WiFi support for wipe-and-load destructive deployments and additional customization for WSA.
Says leading, global liquor brand Bacardi, “We have a lot of applications within the business. Before you could have applications only changing every six or twelve months. Now it’s a lot quicker: 1E solutions help us deliver and more that application to the end user.” Once Bacardi brought the 1E Shopping client in-house, they were able to provide end users with the onus of accessing applications they need directly.

In a move to consolidate 1E agents into a single agent, Shopping 5.5 replaces the Shopping Agent with the Shopping module in the Tachyon Agent. To support Shopping 5.5, no Tachyon infrastructure or license is required. The Shopping Agent will continue to work with Shopping 5.5 but the Windows Servicing Assistant is only available when the Tachyon Agent is implemented with the Shopping Module enabled.
You can learn more about Shopping’s features and uses in this case study featuring Bacardi.

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