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Shopping™ combines the on-demand user experience of consumer devices with the control, integration and automation needs of corporate IT.

  • With 1E’s Shopping software deployment tool, users are only ever a click away from the software and IT services they need.
  • Scaling from one seat to hundreds of thousands, Shopping enables IT departments in some of the world’s largest organizations to automate software delivery.
  • Transform software deployment for your enterprise. Set your IT department free to focus on value-add projects.
  • Accelerate and simplify application deployment with Configuration Manager and Nomad or IBM BigFix
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The approval process is unique to 1E Shopping and it’s something that we’ve never seen before in other products

Mike Robb
Solutions Engineer, Unum

Why 1E Shopping


Intuitive GUI ensures users are only a click away from the software and IT services they need. Clear back-end controls and smooth workflow integration.


Platform is quick to deploy, while its unique request-approval-delivery workflow delivers IT software and solutions to users in minutes.


Can scale up and down from thousands to hundreds of thousands, and can meet the demands of the largest enterprise.


Shopping empowers managers to approve requests within their business, letting IT deliver services to the exact point of need.


Shopping frees up IT resources and dramatically reduces the cost of supporting IT service requests.


ServiceNow integration

Now with full ServiceNow integration
Manage any application across all your devices with 1E Shopping

Technical FAQs

Yes, Shopping can be used for both software and non-software requests. Using its tight integration with SCCM, Shopping can deploy software automatically to the requestor’s machine in no time. But, it works for other regular services request too – such as on-demand AD group membership request.

Shopping also provides integration scripts that can pass the relevant request information to a third party procurement system, which can be taken up by hardware acquisition team.

Yes, Shopping has integration scripts that can be used to provide integration with popular service desk tools. 1E has successfully implemented integrations with ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, and HP Service Manager.

Shopping is compatible with touch devices namely iPad, Surface Pro, and touch monitors. Please note that Shopping works best in its recommended resolution.


Yes, you can. In fact, there are many ways of doing it:

Firstly, as an approver, you don’t even need to be in front of the Shopping web console. When your approval is needed a mail will be sent to you with a link to approve or reject the request.

Alternatively, you can also use Shopping from the touch device of your choice, from a location of your choice.


It’s really quick. If no approval is needed, the software can be deployed to your machine within 5 to 10 minutes.

Unlike most enterprise systems, Shopping uses your corporate credentials (generally maintained by Active Directory) to grant you access to Shopping website and other components.


Shopping supports dual-forest scenarios using two types of two-way trust: root-level forest trusts and external trusts. The AD forests themselves may be single or multi-domain.

Shopping supports nested OUs, up to 5 levels deep. However, Shopping does not support Groups within OUs.


Shopping has very elegant way of handling this. The applications can be classified into logical groupings called categories. Each user is then simply associated with one or more categories to which they then get access to. Shopping can also limit the user visibility based on machine locations too.


Shopping is fully compliant with the Role Based Access Control in SCCM 2012. This means that shoppers can only access Shopping applications based on their security scope and administrators can only manage devices and shoppers based on their associated SCCM collections.

Yes, Shopping has deep integration with both Configuration Manager and BigFix to deploy the requested applications. Shopping has been validated with both BigFix 9.2 and 9.5. Contact 1E for more details.

Exciting new features of Shopping

Shopping takes a giant leap with enhanced and intuitive functionalities in the App-store world, delivering new and exciting features that not only simplify user-experience but also enforce the security and controls expected within a corporate IT environment.

Application Mapping

With Shopping administrators can now build application mappings between Shopping and Appclarity with reduced manual effort. Admins can search using an application name and select the correct application from an intelligent drop down list.


Shopping has added support for LDAP over SSL (LDAPS). Also, secured cookies are now encrypted over TLS when the browser connects to the Shopping Web Portal over HTTPS. The Shopping Web can no longer be parsed in an iFrame on another site.

OS deployment on behalf of others

Shopping allows administrators to create a completely automated OS deployment roll-out plan/schedule. Administrators can add machines to specific schedules for OS migration/deployment. Shopping automatically initiates OS deployments as per the specified schedule.


508 Compliance standards require federal agencies to provide software accessibility to differently abled users. The Shopping Web portal is now 508 compliant for all shoppers i.e. administrative and non-administrative shoppers visiting the site.

Application sets

Shopping enables administrators to accelerate the turnaround time associated with new-user provisioning, machine re-builds, etc. They can create application sets specific to line of businesses/ regions/ organizations/ job roles. These can then be deployed as a single item.

Application deployment

Shopping integrates with Configuration Manager and IBM BigFix for application distribution. With ConfigMgr, Nomad can be used to simplfy and streamline CM infrastructure to speed application deployment.

What our customers are saying

“By leveraging System Center Configuration Manager in conjunction with 1E’s Shopping, we have greatly streamlined our software delivery process and are saving $1,776,000 per year.”

Brooks Truitt

Syngenta Global Service Delivery Manager, Syngenta
“It was an incredibly inefficient process, both slow and expensive. Users would frequently wait in line for two or three days before a technician arrived at their desk.”

Michael Powlison

IT Project Leader, Parker

Eric Giroux

Solutions Engineer, Unum
Over the last few years we’ve been averaging about 20,000 end-user installations through Shopping. When you look at the average cost of a help-desk call, there’s a lot of costs savings there for us.”

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