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Save IT Operating Costs With End-User Experience Management


Why does end-user experience management (EUEM) matter in the current, post-pandemic era?

It’s no longer about the end-user hardware that was needed in larger quantities during COVID-19 to accommodate working from home. Ignoring cybersecurity, and the lack of well-functioning operations can damage customer experience, and therefore business outcomes as well. Furthermore, the presence of good digital employee experience (DEX) creates a competitive advantage showing that the company is healthy.

“Those who invest in EX are 59% more likely to indicate that their company is in growth mode.”

In this report, Forrester identifies five use case categories on how EUEM solutions can reduce costs, and thus build the business case for DEX. According to Forrester:

“Investment in DEX now will pay dividends later.”

Download this report to learn how important EUEM is to meet business targets, and how to justify investment in these tools.

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