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Maximize the Value of Microsoft Intune with 1E

Enable fully modern management with real-time visibility and granular control for security and compliance

Together, 1E and Microsoft are ushering in a new era of modern management.

Microsoft Intune provides a robust baseline of powerful, high-performance endpoint management capabilities, and 1E can help you get even more value from your Microsoft investment with complementary capabilities to address key use cases in security and compliance.

1E adds value to Intune with lightweight, always-on communication and real-time actions that make it possible to address new vulnerabilities and misconfigurations as soon as they arise. With 1E, administrators also gain granular control to efficiently target deployments to specific groups, helping ensure compliance with diverse patching regulations across different regions.

With lightweight, always-on communication and real-time actions, 1E empowers organizations to maintain a standardized baseline, rapidly respond to critical issues, and ensure client health, providing functionality like:

  • Real-time visibility
  • Granular control
  • Real-time policy control
  • Patching
  • Critical services compliance

To learn more about how 1E and Microsoft Intune work together, download our whitepaper.

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