The CIO Guide to Unified eXperience Management (UXM)

The CIO Guide to Unified eXperience Management (UXM)

Over the last 18 months, organizations globally have made the move to remote working at scale, ushering in the era of Work From Anywhere. The future of work creates a new set of demands and challenges for IT leadership. And with Digital Experience now the priority, CIO’s are now employee experience curators.

But how can we best optimize IT infrastructures, reduce digital friction, improve productivity, and – most importantly – provide a consistent, great digital employee experience?

The answer lies in Unified eXperience Management (UXM).

This guide explores:

  • The new CIO agenda:
    • Cost optimization
    • Employee experience and productivity
    • Security posture
    • Consolidation and simplification
  • The new frontier: Unified eXperience Management
  • What UXM can do for your IT Organization

Download now to discover how UXM can help you to go beyond analytics, break down IT siloes, reinforce your security posture, and reduce costs.