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September 30, 2021

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Unified eXperience Management

First-rate digital experiences require a step beyond analytics. 1E Tachyon is the first toolset to unify Experience Analytics with real-time endpoint automation across Service Desk, Endpoint Management, Asset Intelligence and Patch into a single platform.

Because digital experience doesn’t belong in a silo

Why digital experience? Why now?

What is Unified eXperience Management?

1E’s Unified eXperience Management platform, Tachyon, provides IT with actionable intelligence and real-time remediation capability to improve the experience of every employee.

1E Tachyon Platform
Experience &
Engagement Analytics

Experience Operations Console / Center

Software Asset Intelligence

Analytics, Reclaim &
ISO based SAM

1E Tachyon Platform
Real-Time Remediation
and Service Desk Automation

Last mile endpoint remediation for ServiceNow

UEM Augmentation

Automation of scale for Microsoft SCCM,
Intune Autopilot and VMWare

Why Tachyon

Respond in Real-time

Tachyon is the only technology that enables endpoints to be diagnosed and remediated in real time. This unique automation capability can deflect 90% of situations that would otherwise culminate in a disruptive remote deskside visit.

Unified Platform

Unlike competing point solutions, 1E Tachyon is the only solution to unify endpoint management, digital experience and service desk. Having fewer solutions means your IT environment is cheaper and easier to manage. And it’s built integration first to help your teams run a much more effective experience program.

Digital Twin

Reinventing the concept of predictive technology, the 1E digital twin simulates user behaviours with synthetic transactions to find experience issues before the user does. So your IT teams can proactively remediate experience issues at scale for a better digital experience.

Why 1E


Global Customers


Endpoints Managed


Renewal rate across core products


Customer Satisfaction


In collective productivity savings

What the analysts say

Forrester said in their End User Experience Management New Wave report

“1E excels at remediating device issues, with hundreds of out-of-the-box scripts, a script builder, suggested actions, and automatic remediation natively available. It also has a robust survey tool and chatbot.” “1E has a direct in-product integration with ServiceNow, enabling service desk admins to see experience issues and take action directly within ServiceNow.”

Andrew Hewitt

Analyst, Forrester

EMA Research said in their Buyers Guide to DEM:

“In comparison with other product sets, the platform displays particularly strong functional support for systems-level management and the most comprehensive set of automation capabilities, which collectively deliver impressive autonomic and proactive experience management support.”

Steve Brasen

Managing Research Director, EMA

Beat the odds: Our 6 Month offer

Why does most software become shelfware?

The rest of the industry

  • Small lab based POC
  • Limited pilot
  • Contractual commitment before value
  • Deployment services extra charge
  • Business case based on conjecture
  • ROI at some future date

The 1E Risk Free Deployment

  • Unlimited, free to use for 6 months
  • Business Case based on real-world usage
  • Buy when you know it works
  • Value from day 1 (it’s already deployed!)

The problem with buying enterprise software is that the odds are stacked against you. You see a demo, maybe do a limited pilot and perhaps do a cookie-cutter business case on a spreadsheet with the sales guy. Once you buy, you then have to deploy and while that happens, maybe priorities change or maybe it doesn’t actually work as you thought it would. This is why most software becomes shelfware. Why does all the risk lay with the buyer?

We think that there should be a fairer way to buy software.

We’re sure you have questions about what this means for your organization.

We’d love to show you the power of the 1E Tachyon in action:

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