1E Joins Forces With Schneider Electric

1E Joins Forces With Schneider Electric

It’s a pleasure to announce our most recent partnership with Schneider Electric. One of the great joys of 1E is providing companies with safer, faster, better ways to upgrade their OS.

Even multinational companies like Schneider Electric have their struggles and that’s where 1E makes a difference. Like a gallant knight on a white horse, 1E swiftly implements Nomad (to help with upgrading Configuration Manager to prep for Windows 10), saves the princess in the tower, and everyone lives happily ever after in their (fully automated) fairytale.

I use the fairytale reference to illustrate how good it all sounds and how good it truly is. The amount of work required on the customer side is close to nothing — doesn’t that qualify as being pretty much magical?

“Nomad integration allowed us to remove approximately 400  distribution points,” says Michal Lackovic, a program manager at Schneider Electric. “This meant our infrastructure required less support and complexity was reduced by 90%.” Here’s Michal explaining more about the collaboration:

Because 2017 is the year that most companies are doing a Windows 10 upgrade, Schneider Electric was able to kill two birds with one 1E stone: thanks to Nomad.
Nomad is the tool required to supercharge Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. To ensure efficient, controlled content distribution without network disruption, Nomad empowers countless other preeminent companies.

Read more about our exciting collaboration in the case study here.


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