Fast, secure, peer-to-peer content distribution

The smart way to distribute Windows 10, applications and updates across the enterprise.

Your company needs a cost-effective, low-touch method to help IT staff efficiently manage software deployment especially when considering the critical need to deploy security updates as quickly as possible.

Nomad deploys content fast across WAN or cloud connections, includes critical client automation for Windows upgrades or patch deployment and simplifies IT infrastructure.

Nomad is the trusted solution for fearless content distribution by the most complex organizations.

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Distribute any content, anywhere, any time

Nomad simply enhances CM, while its peer-to-peer technology ensures minimal disruption to your IT network. In addition, Nomad will always back off when the business wants to communicate.

Keep your organization safe

Nomad enables IT to deploy security updates as soon as they’re available. Content is encrypted for secure distribution, and it all fully honors SCCM security.

Automate for economies of scale

Nomad is the engine for your content distribution machine – including deploying Windows 10. Automation enables massive parallelization and lets IT focus on delivering business value.

Schneider Electric

We needed a complementary, automated way to accelerate our Windows 10 migration. That's where Windows Servicing Suite came into the picture.

Michal Lackovic
Program Manager | Schneider Electric

The 1E Difference

Nomad is unique in enhancing Configuration Manager to streamline IT infrastructure

Windows 10 migration

Windows 10 migration

Nomad is the engine at the heart of the 1E Windows Servicing Suite automating the entire process to be zero-touch and include unique BIOS to UEFI conversion for Windows 10 advanced security.

Peer-based backup and restore

Peer based state migration

User settings and data can be migrated using spare capacity on local peer workstations during a computer rebuild or Windows 10 upgrade. No need for expensive servers and storage to be deployed and managed at remote sites.

Protected network bandwidth

Protected network bandwidth

Nomad’s uses dynamic block sizes and unique ReverseQoS bandwidth management to use the maximum available bandwidth but never interrupt business traffic. It also manages traffic from cloud distribution points to reduce costs. It’s easy to set up and automatically adjusts to changing network conditions

End-point automation

End-point automation

Critical to high-performance systems management at massive scale is being able to automate all tasks – removing the need for manual intervention. Nomad includes automated BIOS to UEFI conversion, WakeOnLan and PXE boot from peers.


is the core of the Windows Servicing Suite solution


Fast, secure
content distribution

Windows Deployment Tools

Windows Deployment Tools - Beyond BIOS-to-UEFI

Beyond BIOS-to-UEFI

App Migration

Usage based-app migration


User-driven servicing portal and app store

Nomad 6 Highlights

Windows 10 Migration

Windows 10 security readiness – Automation for BIOS to UEFI conversion and enabling TPM and virtualization across multiple enterprise vendor systems.

Additional Built-in Task Sequence steps – Integrating Nomad further into the OSD process to extend the automation advantage over 1E's competitors.

Office 365

Office 365 updates can now be distributed alongside your other applications and updates. The individual pieces of an Office365 update are downloaded and cached like any other content and can be shared amongst peers.

Secure content distribution

Content is distributed securely by being encrypted and digitally signed. Using HTTPS protocol for transmission avoids the need for firewall exceptions from corporate security standards.

Client Health

An integrated and secure health monitoring feature that allows administrators to view the status of their Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Nomad agents within the SCCM console.

Nomad Dashboard

The Nomad Dashboard presents a snapshot of current configuration, client health and content delivery activity within the familiar SCCM console.

Dynamic Pre-cache

Pre-cache jobs are automatically updated to ensure the right content is on the right devices.

What our customers are saying

"One thing that has impressed me the most about Nomad, is that once you get it configured, it is really hands-off. You don't have to administer it, it does what it's supposed to do day in and day out. It allows you to focus on other areas of the business."


“Nomad integration allowed us to remove approximately 400 distribution points. This meant our infrastructure required less support and complexity was reduced by 90%.”




"The ability to deploy over 4,000 to 5,000 machines quickly and efficiently, without having a massively robust network, has been just awesome!"

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