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A real-world example of risk mitigation with Tachyon

A real-world example of risk mitigation with Tachyon

Mitigations are the steps you can take to reduce the harmful effects of risks, should they happen.
While some are procedural best practices, others risk mitigations are technical solutions to minimize the impact. This is where 1E’s Tachyon helps. Tachyon is a remote endpoint management solution with real-time access to the devices, meaning it gives IT absolute visibility and control of every device in their environment. This makes it incredibly easy to determine the state of your devices and make changes very quickly.
In today’s Work From Anywhere world this capability is vital.

A real-world example of Tachyon’s cybersecurity risk mitigation capability

While you are reading this article, you learn of a new piece of malware that is spreading in different organizations around the world. The indicator of compromise (IOC) is the existence of a file named malware.dll (note that this IOC could be anything and Tachyon could still find it for you).
In order to remediate this device, you need to delete a set of files and apply a security update. You also need to do it quickly because this malware is self-propagating in an environment once one device is compromised.
Without Tachyon, you would have to spend a week setting up your systems management platform to collect a new datapoint, particulary because many of your endpoints are remote.
Here are the steps you’d go through with Tachyon:

  1. Open the Explorer module and ask the question “which of my devices has the malware.dll file?”
  2. Within seconds, Explorer returns a list of all devices that have this file (and so are compromised).
  3. You then deliver a follow-up action to those devices that sends the command for quarantine.
  4. The devices are immediately taken off the network and the internet and are no longer a threat to your organization. You’re still able to communicate with those devices usingTachyon, so you can remediate them within seconds and release them from quarantine once they are safe.

Tachyon truncates the entire risk mitigation process from weeks to a few minutes.

Using Tachyon risk-free

Unfortunately, purchasing a piece of technology comes with risks also. The impact of purchasing the wrong piece of software can be large, promopting pre-purchase questions such as:

  • What if the software doesn’t do what they showed us in the demo?
  • What if the software doesn’t work in our environment?
  • What if the software is too complicated for our team to learn and use?

Yet, despite all this due diligence, we have all made a large purchase and experienced “buyers’ remorse,” wishing that we could pick another option. Some bad decisions have a greater impact though. Going out to eat and ordering the fish and not eating it isn’t as detrimental as buying a house in a neighborhood that wasn’t as safe as you hoped it would be.
Many organizations have to use a piece of software that isn’t a good fit for the environment. In a large organization, the cost of software purchasing mistakes forces many companies to keep using the solution even though it’s not ideal for an extended amount of time. Purchasing the wrong piece of software in today’s computing environment can be disastrous, especially if the solution does not provide adequate protections to your environment.
With the recent shift to remote working, and the impact that has had on IT departments, 1E has come up with a strategy to mitigate the risk of a software purchase:
Use our software for free for six months. 1E resources will help you implement the product in your environment and our training division will train your staff on all our products in a hands-on lab or you can use our e-learning content to learn in your own time. At the end of those siz months, you can decide to either purchase it or 1E resources help you remove it at no cost.
1E has successfully mitigated most of the risk of large software purchases. To learn more, speak to a 1E expert.


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