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Can a laptop PC ever weigh the same as a car?

pc weigh as much as a car

Laptop PC’s are low power consumption when compared to desktop PC’s. Therefore, they have a low carbon footprint… Don’t they?

My Dell laptop consumes 50 KWh when being used with my second monitor. Conservatively, this would translate to about 200 KWh of power consumption per day. This, in turn, is about 60 kg of CO2 related emissions per year.
But, when looking at carbon footprint, we need to consider that power generation from traditional sources is only about 1/3 efficient. Therefore, to consume 200 KWh of power, the Utility Company has to actually produce 600 KWh. Now my laptop is looking less perfect, responsible for 180kg of CO2 emissions per year.

When we factor in the average carbon cost of manufacturing a laptop, we have about 250kg to add to the laptop’s footprint.

I replace my laptop every 3 years. So, my carbon footprint from my relatively low power laptop, is a not insignificant 790kg of CO2. My small Dell laptop is responsible, over a 3 year period, for associated CO2 emissions. That’s equivalent to the weight of a Peugeot 107 car!
And this all assumes my laptop is powered off for 16 hours a day. In reality, I often leave my laptop connected and powered on in the evenings for the convenience of “occasional use”.
Do I need to ensure my “low power” laptop is power managed effectively? Without doing so my laptops carbon footprint could easily jump to 1870 kg of CO2, equivalent to the weight of a Porsche Panamera!
At 1E, perhaps not surprisingly, we all have NightWatchman deployed. NightWatchman helps ensure devices are available for software updates. It optimizes security across the network. But from an ethical standpoint, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment, and with over 18 Million licenses of NightWatchman sold, it’s good to see our customers have a similar ethos.
So yes, a laptop PC can weigh the same as a car…


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022