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The 1E Customer Advisory Board event


A Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting is designed to engage with current users and extract value from their personal experiences with the products from that organization.

We recently hosted our own CAB in Boston, Massachusetts with customers from all over the world. They include users from companies like Schlumberger and Riverside Health. (We helped Riverside Health, most notably, last year.)
We hosted 21 customers. Here we discussed product roadmaps, industry challenges, and the increasing importance of security. From their own points of view, they shared their challenges, successes, and a staggering amount of information with each other over the course of this 1½ day event.

CEO customer advisory board meeting

Our founder and CEO, Sumir Karayi, was on hand to offer answers to questions, along with other 1E executives.

Sumir presented some specific areas of focus we are considering. Most importantly, he asked the group to vote on what they felt was most valuable to their businesses. Some interesting points of interest that customers currently considered positive were the ServiceNow + Tachyon integration, Windows 10 Security Features, and AutoPilot.
While customers agreed that ServiceNow is becoming more widely used, there was a strong will that the API-based functionality in 1E’s Shopping should remain for now, rather than going exclusively to ServiceNow. Everyone agreed a gradual transition was best.
Our EDR solution Tachyon was extremely well-received by those customers without first-hand experience already. There was a board accord that it’s a very powerful tool – but also a general interest in specific use-cases and benefits.
Our customers’ experience with rival and alternative solutions were of particular interest to us. Delivery Optimization (DO) received very mixed feelings, in general. Customers cited that we should focus on managing DO with Nomad. The experiences with Microsoft Intune were also not very positive.

All of the feedback about 1E tools as well as industry trends made this year’s CAB an overwhelming success.

We are expecting to do more events with more customers. This ensures our continued learning and growth of our tools to reflect industry standards and needs. In addition, you can always find information about our upcoming events here.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022