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Case study

Planning an automated, accelerated Windows 10 migration with 1E

WannaCry was a loud wake up call for most organizations who hadn’t updated their OS to Windows 10.

Because Riverside knew they needed to get current, they accelerated their OS migration with 1E tools.
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The Challenge

Riverside was among the many companies who found themselves with an urgent need to switch from XP to Windows 7 – the only way to ensure protection against potential exploits and new vulnerabilities. With 7,800 PCs and a complex, highly dispersed server estate, Riverside faced a significant challenge in terms of rolling out the upgrade quickly and effectively. To ensure success, it needed an efficient, effective, and automated approach.

The 1E Difference

1E reduced the average time needed to migrate a PC to Windows 7 from three hours to just 15 minutes. Rather than migrating each machine individually, IT team could set up 5-6 migrations at a time. 1E made it possible for Riverside to carry out the migration without any impact on the employee experience and their work – eliminating any costs that might have been associated with lost work time and loss of productivity.
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