The Expert Guide to Scalable Windows 10 Migrations: Webinar Q&A

The Expert Guide to Scalable Windows 10 Migrations: Webinar Q&A

Thank you to everyone who participated in our live webinar The Expert Guide to Scalable Windows 10 Migrations. Here is the transcript of the audience Q&A, plus some questions we didn’t have time to answer live. Didn’t get a chance to join us live? You can now watch the recording and highlight clips on-demand here.

Q: You mentioned machines manufactured from 2013 will be able to support UEFI – does that mean machines manufactured before that will not be secure Windows 10 machines?

A: Some older machines will be equipped with UEFI firmware and will support at least Secure Boot, What drove manufacturers around the 2013 time frame was the release of Windows 8 at the back end of 2012. In order to get Windows 8 logo compliance they had to support UEFI and SecureBoot, and that has remained a logo-compliance requirement for Windows since, so any devices manufactured after that, especially enterprise class devices, will almost certainly be equipped with UEFI firmware. Of course, you have probably been re-configuring these to emulate legacy BIOS to support your current Windows 7 image, so you’ll still need to reconfigure them during the migration.
Is Application Mapping available as a standalone product or part of a product/solution suite that needs to be purchased?
Application Mapping is a feature of our comprehensive Windows 10 Now solution. Specifically, it uses our AppClarity product to identify what applications are in use in your environment, and automation currently delivered through Shopping – our enterprise app store – to provide the data required by the Task Sequence when it executes. The mapping rules are currently defined in Shopping. We are working on a new version of Application Migration that makes the process easier to implement and doesn’t have any dependency on AppClarity or Shopping, we hope to have that ready for early next year.
With the new 1606 Baseline – Can I go from 2012 R2 (no service pack) or do I have to go to 1511, then 1606?
The 1606 baseline media only supports upgrade from CM 2012 R2 SP1 or CM 2012 SP2, so if you haven’t applied any service pack you’ll need to use the 1511 baseline media. Nickolaj Anderson has published a useful reference on upgrade paths on his blog.
We use Service Now in our organization – can we use that instead of Shopping to start the upgrade?
Short answer is Yes! Some of the automation we do is not available in Service Now, but Shopping is built with APIs that enable integration with other ITSM systems and we’ve done a lot with ServiceNow over the last couple of years. Requests can be initiated through ServiceNow and drive the automation and CM integration delivered by Shopping. There are a few resources on our web site listed below that explain how we do this.
On-Demand Webinar: Better Together, Shopping and ServiceNow
Whitepaper: Shopping and ServiceNow integration technical presentation
Product Video: 1E and ServiceNow Integration
Whitepaper: Shopping and ServiceNow Integration
Does 1E Software Intelligence require SCOM as well?
No, 1E Software Intelligence only uses inventory data from Configuration Manager. However it’s likely that you will need to enable some additional data classes for collection with the Configuration Manager Hardware Inventory agent. The required settings are documented with this free tool.
Can I download the 1EBIOS to UEFI tool?
The 1E BIOS to UEFI tool is available for 1E Nomad customers to download from 1E support portal.
Does software need to be installed on the Windows 7 machines first so that the scheduling can work?
The self-service scheduling is implemented through the 1E enterprise app store called “Shopping”. Shopping has an agent that needs to be deployed to clients that use the Shopping portal.
Can we use MDT 2013 Rel 2 to complete a wipe and load Win 10 installation?
The 1E Windows 10 Now solution uses MDT 2013 integrated with Configuration Manager. You won’t be able to achieve the same level of automation using MDT alone (“Lite-Touch Installation”)
Does Shopping work in other browsers besides IE?  If user has Chrome as their default browser, what is their experience?
Yes. Shopping is supported and users get a similar experience on Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Chrome and FireFox browsers.


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