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Get to know Tachyon on the 1E Support Portal


So, what is the 1E Support Portal?  

To put it simply, the 1E Support Portal is the main place for everything 1E. We want our customers to get the best out of our products, be more efficient, realize savings, and enhance the user experience – that’s where the Portal comes in.  
To assist our customers in deployment, configuration, and addressing technical issues and questions, we provide a purpose-built, personalized Support Portal. Here you can search our technical knowledge base, log and update support tickets, and download your software and updates. 
In fact, as of July 2021, we launched a new look Support Portal and Community for our customers. After analysing the existing Portal and how customers used it, the team worked together to produce a fresh new site that ensured you can access what you need, when you need it, with ease. Not only do we have the Support Portal but now also a dedicated site for our Forums under the 1E Community, with an easy way to switch between the two in the top right. 

Tachyon on the Portal 

The 1E Support Portal isn’t just a general helpline. Not only is it filled with useful knowledge articles, but it’s also a great resource when it comes to all things Tachyon. 
On the Portal, we have direct links to all the documentation you may need from the various Tachyon consumers and our Tachyon SDK. (If you are writing your own instructions, this page is a must!) The new Support Portal also has Tutorial videos for our Products and Tachyon Consumers that explains how to carry out certain tasks, how to troubleshoot, and deeper information. These Tutorials are continuously being added to and are ever-expanding. 
From the Portal you can also access the Tachyon Exchange, as discussed in Jason’s recent edition of Tachyon Tuesday. This – if you don’t know already – has over 500 pre-made instructions (currently standing at 579 instructions) that you can download for free and use in your own Tachyon!
In addition to the Exchange, you can also access the 1E Community a place that customers can ask questions in any of our Topics, about any of our products, get answers from experts, or add to the conversation themselves.  We have a Topic for each product, including Tachyon Exchange where you can ask questions about instructions. 

How do I access the Support Portal?  

For 1E customers, accessing the Support Portal couldn’t be easier, simply  Log in to the Support Portal. 
For non-customers, we will be making our community public soon so you too can join in the discussions. 

If you found this Tachyon Tuesday vlog helpful, why not check out other editions of Tachyon TuesdayOr subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with the latest Tachyon Tuesday content! 


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022