NightWatchman 7.2 takes the industry leading product to the next level

NightWatchman 7.2 takes the industry leading product to the next level

As NightWatchman product manager I’m honored to be able to announce that NightWatchman 7.2 is now available! The NightWatchman engineering team and I have worked with our many customers and numerous 1E teams, including the Tachyon team, to build a compelling release that we believe will delight new and existing customers alike. As with last year’s NightWatchman 7.1, you can see the commitment 1E has to ensure that you get maximum computer power-related savings and the world’s best wake-on-LAN solution while minimizing your organization’s environmental impact and helping to address key security issues.
In future blog posts, I’ll get into more details. For now, the 7.2 highlights are:

  • Real-time WakeUp status
    • WakeUp has long had detailed reporting of its activities but it wasn’t good at telling you how successful the wakeup you just did was right away. 1E now offers our Tachyon product that is built for just such live queries and actions. With 7.2, we’ve integrated Tachyon product functionality, allowing you to see the current online status for your clients in the NightWatchman console; even thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of clients. You can then kick off that urgent wakeup and within moments see how many additional computers are online. This is critical for attacking those zero-day exploits and other time-sensitive actions.
  • Computer Reclaim
    • Is it possible you have computers on your network that are no longer used? Where no one touches the keyboard or mouse for weeks? Maybe they’re only used for a few minutes each week. Those are computers that could be given to new employees – great savings for your organization. And they’re no longer available for hackers to compromise. Building on our unique Hardware Utilization feature, Computer Reclaim now adds rarely used computer analysis and is even more accurate.
  • A much-improved reporting console
    • We’ve revamped the NightWatchman reporting so that you and your coworkers can much more readily find needed reports, in a modernized and more attractive console.
  • Several NightWatchman policy management improvements, including:
    • If it makes more sense for your local administrators to select NightWatchman policies for the computers in your organization, you can now do so without fear that those administrators will otherwise change the computer groups.
    • We have a  new scheduled action: log off then standby. If you would like to maximize security and power savings, you can have NightWatchman safely close applications and log users off when they’re not using the computers. When that completes, NightWatchman will now also force the computer to sleep.

Please review the NightWatchman 7.2 documentation and other materials at and for more details.
I look forward to talking with you, about NightWatchman and especially our new 7.2 release!


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