PC Power Management

Save millions, reduce your carbon footprint and boost the health, lifespan and security of your PC estate.

  • 1E NightWatchman enables the enterprise to slash power consumption, spend and carbon footprint while improving PC health and security.
  • Automated control of PC power usage saves individual enterprises millions in energy bills per year.
  • Aligns your business objectives and sustainability goals by removing the guesswork around energy consumption.

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Why Choose NightWatchman

Cost Savings

By ensuring unused machines aren’t consuming unused energy, NightWatchman reduces energy spend by an average of $26/PC per annum.

Security/ Control

Allows IT to streamline out-of-hours maintenance, enabling users to collectively wake all machines on a site.


Provides the data to help identify problems, while maximizing battery life and checking that devices are correctly configured.


NightWatchman accurately monitors, analyzes and reports on power usage and energy consumption, at a granular, device-by-device level.


Clear and accurate power reports helps to identify and eliminate waste, letting you meet your energy objectives, avoid penalties and claim any rewards.


Gives you the ability to remotely wake PCs for out-of-hours patching and rebooting, improving the lifespan, health and security of your IT estate.

Value Case

Responsible companies run efficient and sustainable IT. NightWatchman leads to an immediate reduction in carbon footprint, with which you could take advantage of grants/rebates/tax redemption’s wherever available. Accurate and easily comprehensible power reports enable the enterprise to baseline their existing PC energy consumption to enable the identification and elimination of energy waste. NightWatchman subsequently allows you to optimize PC power policies centrally across the entire estate allowing you to see the savings obtained at a granular level over time.

21,000 tonne reduction of carbon footprint by US department of state

US Department of State

US Department of State’s Efficient IT initiatives ensure a 21,000 tonne reduction of its carbon footprint in a few months thanks to PC power management.

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Businesses need to run in an efficient and controlled way to minimize waste and better manage costs. NightWatchman provides the enterprise with total control of power management over the entire PC estate, 24 hours a day, leading to major reductions in the energy costs. NightWatchman’s accurate visibility into usage additionally gives the ability to identify unused PCs and related real estate. By reducing energy use and carbon footprint, organizations can benefit from energy rebates/tax redemptions/government grants in various parts of the world.

PC Estate Profiler Report

This paper looks at how NightWatchman enables enterprises to retire unused PCs and desk space, which can save organizations over $8,000 per desk on average through its accurate visibility into usage.

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NightWatchman provides you with a secure, robust and seamless Wake on LAN facility (certified to Common Criteria (EAL2) & FIPS), without the need for additional servers. NightWatchman comes with the ability to manage the end to end power & patch management lifecycle – including waking up a PC, patching it and putting it back to desired low power mode at any point in time, ensuring that the PC estate is fully patched but additionally operating at a significantly reduced cost.

London Council

London Council reduces energy costs and achieves a fast, efficiency and secure PC management process

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NightWatchman reduces energy consumption and accurately quantifies and reports energy emission, carbon and cost savings. With NightWatchman, energy savings can be maximized without causing any disruption to the users. Using the PC estate profiler feature of NightWatchman, underutilized / unutilized PC’s can be identified and reallocated/retired. NightWatchman provides you with a secure, robust and seamless Wake on LAN facility, without the need for additional servers.


NightWatchman Product Sheet

NightWatchman provides the enterprise with total control over the entire PC estate, 24 hours a day with unrivaled PC Power and Patch Management.

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NightWatchman 7.1

NightWatchman 7.1 With NightWatchman 7.1 you can secure your organization, maximize user productivity and satisfaction, and maximize the benefits of your hardware budget.

Reboot Optimization

NightWatchman 7.1 collects critical details about reboots from all your computers and allows you to centrally report them. Are security updates becoming effective when your security department requires? Are reboots occurring when they should?

Power Optimization

NightWatchman 7.1 uniquely and innovatively reports on the battery-related functionality of your devices – are devices getting into the lowest possible standby state, maximizing battery availability for your mobile users?

And More

NightWatchman 7.1 also includes these features –

  • Web WakeUp and Enterprise View are FIPS compliant
  • Windows 10 compatibility
  • Nomad precaching coordination enhancements
  • Non-laptops are preferred over laptops when looking for an available primary agent
  • Keep Active system tray icon shows all options
  • WakeMachines Web WakeUp API corrected
  • Web WakeUp status reporting improvements
  • Macintosh clients use 7.x licenses
  • Primary agent selection efficiency improvements

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