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NightWatchman Enterprise Saves Power and CO2. Fact.


As the recently appointed Product Manager for 1E NightWatchman Enterprise, I’d like to introduce myself and to talk about some issues that are prevalent in all of our lives today. As 1E’s flagship sustainability solution, you may already be aware of how NightWatchman Enterprise can help mitigate CO2 from IT and help lessen the impact organization have on our world. I’d also like to give an insight into some of the new and exciting features we have coming up in the next release of NightWatchman Enterprise.
Pike Research has predicted that software solutions aimed at cutting wasted power from servers and PCs will save organizations $18.6bn / £11.5bn per year by 2015, a nearly five-fold growth from 2011.
Energy prices are continually rising, fact. The adoption of Cloud Computing is driving up internet usage and in turn data center power consumption. Legislation is likely to add to energy prices in the form of carbon taxes. The UK has been the first to introduce a cap-and-trade scheme (CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme) but legislation is sure to be introduced around the world in the coming years, enforcing better management of energy consumption in business. These will be the key drivers for the adoption of power management in the next few years.
IT is responsible for more than 6% of global electricity consumption
NightWatchman Enterprise saves energy and CO2. Unlike most other software claiming to save you money, NightWatchman Enterprise really does, simply by powering down PCs out of hours so they don’t consume energy unnecessarily. For a typical 10,000 PC estate this means:

  • Expected savings are $194k / £123k a year
  • A reduction in CO2 of 836,000 tonnes. This is equivalent to the yearly emission from 174,000 cars or the annual electricity consumption for 125,000 homes
  • Typical ROI in 6 months.

Our user-friendly approach means that users are not impacted by enforced power management. If users are still active at the scheduled power down time then NightWatchman Enterprise backs off until the computer becomes inactive. Prior to shutdown, users’ open documents are saved.
NightWatchman Enterprise is uniquely suited to large, complex enterprise environments. Its secure enterprise class power management is proven to scalable to more than 300,000 PCs. Many well-known and successful companies have trusted 1E to help them reduce energy costs and CO2.
But that’s not all; we add value in other areas too…
The Roadmap for 2013 is exciting; the NightWatchman team have sought inspiration from the cumulus skies over the past few months and have been working hard to deliver a solution to enable NightWatchman in the Cloud.
We’ve also been putting our thinking caps on – imagine, in the wake of BYOD, if you could identify all unused computers in your organization and be able to remove them? The potential cost reductions around hardware, energy and software licenses could be vast…more on this very soon. Watch this space!
If you’d like to learn more about NightWatchman Enterprise please contact us at [email protected]
ICT Sustainability: The Global Benchmark 2012 Report


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