How Do You Use NightWatchman Reporting?

How Do You Use NightWatchman Reporting?

Do you know how WakeUp or NightWatchman reporting is used at your organization? You probably have a general idea but since NWM v6.5 was released you can readily get specifics as to which reports are most used with a SQL query such as:

select Operation ‘Report’, Count(*) ‘Invocations’ from tbAFR_Dimension_AuditTrail where Component=‘ReportConsole’
group by Operation order by 2 desc

Or if you want to know who ran reports in the last month you might use:

select Operation ‘Report‘, Username, Count(*) ‘Invocations’ from tbAFR_Dimension_AuditTrail where Component=‘ReportConsole’
and EventDateTime>DATEADD(MONTH,-1,GETDATE()) group by Operation, Username order by 3 desc

I’ve done some similar analysis on 14 organizations that I’ve worked with and found that these are the top 10 reports for them:

  1. Weekly energy, cost, and emissions by location – 16.2% of all reporting activity
  2. Yearly NightWatchman savings – 7.3%
  3. Daily power state activity – 4.7%
  4. Weekly WakeUp summary – 4.5%
  5. Manual collection WakeUp statistics – 4.2%
  6. Weekly hardware utilization – 3.9%
  7. Successful shutdowns – 3.5%
  8. Yearly energy, cost, and emissions by organization – 3.2%
  9. Timeline for an individual client – 3.0%
  10. Batch processing performance – 2.7%

Often different organizations have different business needs for NightWatchman as compared to other organizations, so they’ll use some reports more than other organizations. You might like to review this list to see if you’re missing out on some that could be helpful to you or other people at your organization. At these 14 organizations, this list accounted for 53% of reporting activity. But of NightWatchman’s 79 reports, 73 of them were used at least once by at least one of the organizations. And 60 of them were used at least 5 times.
In looking at your NightWatchman data you might find that one or two reports are used a lot. For example, one organization used the Daily Power State Activity report for 51% of their reporting. If that’s the case you might want to check with the users of that report to ensure it’s giving them everything they need just as they need it. If not, a custom report based on that report might make their NightWatchman use even more efficient.
Similarly, if you find that some kinds of reports are not being used as much as appropriate (considering how much your organization uses the features), you might check with the appropriate people to ensure they’re comfortable with how to run NightWatchman reports. Maybe they need some pointers as to which reports would be most useful for them.
A little data can add a lot of value. Not only from reports but about reports!


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