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Now there’s much more to PC Power Management

Now-there s-much-more-to-PC-Power-Management

No doubt, 1E’s NightWatchman is second-to-none when it comes to PC Power Management. It’s been more than 12 years and there’s not even a single competitor who has come close to beating NightWatchman in terms of power saving. But there’s lot more to what NightWatchman can bring to its customers when it comes to managing their estate. Wondering what and how?
Have you ever asked what is the percentage of hardware waste that you are incurring every year? Do you wonder which machines in your estate are seldom being used or not used at all? In short do you know what percentage of hardware in your estate is being actually utilized? Well, NightWatchman is able to tell you this. NightWatchman is very powerful in detecting user activity on a machine and giving you the kind of data with which you can make an informed decision as to whether you need a particular machine in your estate or not. Yes you read it right! ‘If you need a particular machine in your estate or not’. NightWatchman’s extensive reporting mechanism helps you drill down to a particular machine to see its usage and decide if you want that machine in your estate or not.
This way you can figure out the precise hardware waste in your organization and decide which machines are required to actually run your estate. So, next time you buy machines for your estate make sure to ask NightWatchman about the machines already present, which you may find you can re-deploy to do the job.
That was about monitoring hardware utilization of your estate. Now let’s talk about managing your estate from a single location. How do you figure out hardware types of machines in your estate? Or how do you know what are the network adapters of all machines present in a particular subnet? Or what if you want to group machines on the basis of IP Address which have a particular power policy applied? NightWatchman provides you with an extensive set of queries which allow you the kind of categorization you need in order to manage your estate.
What more can you ask for from an enterprise solution? This multi-aspect software can really make your work easy in addition to power managing your estate. No wonder NightWatchman has won the Computer Weekly European User Award. Using NightWatchman, Lloyds Banking Group has made savings of £2.2m in electricity costs and 9,836 tonnes of CO2, equating to 1.1m gallons of petrol, in just eight months.
You can follow our new NightWatchman LinkedIn Showcase page to keep up-to-date with PC Power Management news and insight.


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