On the ground at TechEd 2011- Australia edition #auteched

1E booth #53 at TechEd 2011 - Australia As with any event we attend, our primary focus is showing and proving how 1E provides immediate value to any company through IT Efficiency solutions. TechEd Australia is our 2nd TechEd event this year and, once again, is met with considerable success. it’s always amazing to us how quickly people understand our vision. I think this is primarily because our vision falls directly inline with that of the business. All business want the best solutions. That’s a fact. They also want the best solutions to be cost effective, easy to implement, and valuable out of the gate. We believe that, too, and those that know 1E, know that we work extremely hard to make that happen. So, it’s great to see and hear how attendees at such an awesome event flock to hear about 1E.
Phillip Freestun is our man on the ground in Australia for TechEd. Phillip has passed along some information that he’s gleaned, along with a bit of fun. Here’s some of his observations:
From a technical side the main focus has been Systems Centre Server products and Lync.
it’s becoming a no brainer for admins to choose the Microsoft System Centre suite over other products for end to end business function.
Lync seems to be proving a winner for communication and collaboration function and seamlessly integrates with in-house and second party offerings.
Storm troopers The TechEd Fun Factory evening was a party from the GoCart racing in the basement car park to the pre release StarWars (and other) Kinetic game offerings on the main floor. We spent some time in virtual Jedi mode using Light Sabres and The Force to defeat the worst the Empire could throw at us and followed this up with a round of virtual golf. Full Gesture control.
Should give a big mention to SCCM 2012 Beta – great looking product which 1E products will continue to add partner value and functionality. All of the 1E team at the event have been attending the labs and sessions and feedback from all concerned has been positive.


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