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Congratulating the 1E technology heroes

1E Technology Heroes outstanding achievement

We pride ourselves in our products.

Because of their ease of adoption and use, we strive to make everyone a customer. When we see existing customers extracting benefits from one of our solutions that even we didn’t expect, we feel like proud parents. Nothing is more satisfying to us than seeing a partner and their customers get the maximum value out of our technology.

This year, we are recognizing a handful of the most outstanding examples of this with a 1E Hero award.

In each case, we’ve seen how these individuals have given support to joint customers, partners, and other members of their organization. This year we saw users at Signify deploy Tachyon. After making a significant change to their organization, they needed all the support they could get. The only solution they could find that provided everything they required was Tachyon.

Now they can’t imagine their business without it.  Signify users know that Tachyon changed their IT landscape in ways they never expected. It is now firmly part of their environment.
We also saw how we were able to help team members at Riverside Health receive an internal award because of their your best-practice application of AppClarity. Kenny Covington of Riverside commented, “Saving over $600,000 in renewals for Office products speaks for itself. We couldn’t have done it without the AppClarity Reclaim function. ”
Another great example is from Cherokee County Schools, where we assisted in transitioning their Windows 10 deployment. Matt Roper rejoiced, “Our Windows 10 migration would not have been nearly as successful without the 1E Windows Servicing Suite.”

This list goes on and on with amazing results, thanks to these technology heroes.

They were honored with an award that included a  $250 donation towards a charity of their choosing. Congratulations to our heroes – we are humbled by your efforts! To learn more about 1E products, please get in touch with a specialist today.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022