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What’s new in 1E Shopping 6.1, the employee experience marketplace

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What is 1E Shopping? 

1E Shopping is the ultimate employee experience marketplace, offering your employees an automated IT fulfillment service that mirrors the B2C interactions we’ve all become accustomed to in our digital lives. Leveraging your enterprise infrastructure, it gives users a one-stop-shopping marketplace for applications, configuration changes, security access, and even resources such as computers or even pens and paper. As an IT administrator, you control who has access to what, can set up approval workflows, and otherwise manage everything. Meanwhile, Shopping automates deliveries so your IT department can focus on more important work. 

How does Shopping empower users? 

In the age of hybrid working, offering self-service channels so employees can get what they need instantly when it suits them is table stakes. Shopping has long been relied on by large organizations to reduce the cost and tediousness of fulfilling user requests. Users browse Shopping as a modern and familiar app store, finding the details for resources that will empower them to get their jobs done and be more productive.  
When users find what they need, they just click a button to request it, or click “rent” if they only need it temporarily. If approvals are required, the user is prompted for more details to allow the approver(s) to make their decision. From there, your IT infrastructure delivers the changes. If a physical resource is required, a ticket with relevant details is prepared for a technician to fulfill the request. 
The net result of empowerment? A significant improvement to the digital employee experience. Raising requests with IT is never fun, nor is waiting for it to be actioned. Empowering people to get what they need, instantly, is a way for IT to surpass employees’ expectations and create a delightful digital employee experience.  

So what’s new in 1E Shopping version 6.1? 

We’re glad you asked! The standout new feature is Order Tracking, providing your users with timely status updates as their requests go through the fulfillment process, mirroring the online shopping experience. For quick deliveries the users might only see one or two notifications, but for those that take longer, the user will be able to see that progress is being made. 
Shopping 6.1 also allows you to offer 1E Tachyon instructions to your users so they can configure or repair their computers themselves. If you’re already a Tachyon customer, you know you have a huge library of powerful instructions ready to go. Why not offer those that are appropriate to end users as self-serve fixes, saving you money on helpdesk calls? If you’re not a Tachyon customer, we offer three free instructions so that you still value from this feature. 
What’s more, Shopping empowers your users and keeps you in control with the ability to: 

  • Use your existing infrastructure to fulfil user requests, often within minutes, including Microsoft ConfigMgr, Active Directory, HCL’s BigFix, and ServiceNow, as well as Intune to support your transition to Microsoft Modern Management 
  • Provide all the details users need to find what they need, including a brief description, extended details such as feature lists or usage instructions, screenshots, user reviews, cost, banners, and a support link 
  • Allow users to initiate and control their operating system upgrades, including on the road 
  • Implement as much customization as you like to allow Shopping to be consistent with your organization’s branding 
  • Enforce item-specific approval workflows so that you have as little or as much control as you like 
  • Filter by location, security group, operating system, and delegated administration so that you can manage who sees what 

“We see this release as pivotal, making Shopping the clear choice for organizations wanting to ensure their users get the employee experience they expect and require.”
– Sumir Karayi, Founder of 1E

Want to see a quick teaser of Shopping 6.1? Check out the video below! 


Interested? You can learn more about Shopping 6.1 here. And hey! Why not book a demo and see the value in amplifying employee’s shopping experience for yourself… 


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