Shopping combines the experience of using a consumer app store with the control, integration and automation needs of corporate IT. The user-friendly, business-to-consumer (B2C) inspired user interface empowers users to request IT services quickly, easily and from anywhere.

1E Shopping has long been relied on by large organizations to reduce the cost and tediousness of fulfilling employees’ requests. They browse Shopping as a modern and familiar app store, finding the details for resources that empower them to get their jobs done and be more productive. The portal offers a self-service fulfillment channel for everything from software applications​, cloud apps​, team access​, self-heal for common issues​, to hardware and even stationery.

Core features

Reduced time and cost of fulfilment

Raising requests with IT is not fun, nor is waiting for them to be actioned. Empowering people to get what they need quickly guarantees a delightful employee experience. Yet many IT teams have too many manual steps in play for software and access requests. 1E Shopping allows service request fulfilment to be 100% automated, reducing costs and freeing up IT time. Some of our customers having reached $175k in savings per week by implementing 1E Shopping.

A user-friendly interface

Give employees a B2C consumer app store experience with order tracking and rich item details for faster and easier fulfilment. Employees are quickly able to gauge if the request is right for them with extended item details. Once an order is placed, they can track where their requests are in the process. The 1E Shopping notifications are completely customizable to your organizations’ needs so you can have as many or as little as you need.

Simplified software management

Maintain full control of your software deployments with the ability to initiate approval workflows, install or uninstall apps, gain complete licencing usage and cost data, and decide which apps are available at a local level. Shopping also enables temporary software installations, reducing software costs and helping IT to keep on top of their software licences.

Integration-first design

Many enterprises have tried to build their own request portals, but integration with the enterprise is hard. 1E Shopping integrates with Microsoft ConfigMgr (MEMCM), Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune), Active Directory, ServiceNow, Tachyon, and BigFix to enable automated fixes, faster request fulfilment and OS upgrades, and better software reporting. The integration with the 1E Tachyon Platform means Tachyon customers can also offer self-service IT fixes directly to employees using the portal.

Administrator and user control

1E Shopping gives you the perfect balance between self-service capability and admin control. So now you can maintain absolute control of enterprise IT requests at both a local and enterprise level – all while ensuring what employees need is available in the portal. Approval workflows are easily configurable and branch management enables admins to manage activity in the portal at a local level to control software access. Meanwhile the user-controlled delivery windows ensure software is installed and Windows upgrades take place only when it’s convenient for the user.

What's new inShopping 6.1

Check out our newest video to see how Order Tracking simplifies your users journey when acquiring new tools and software. Plus, Shopping now integrates into our 1E Tachyon Platform providing even more opportunities for your end users to self service common requests. Watch now to discover more.

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Customer Case StudySanofi

Sanofi, France’s leading global pharmaceutical company currently enjoys many benefits of 1E’s Shopping. Listen as Thorsten Gehrig, head of digital workplace apps management, chats through their use cases within Shopping and what they’re most excited about in the latest Shopping 6.1 release.

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