Sep 23, 2016 Thomas McGrath

1E’s Windows 10 Innovation Sparks Ignite Speaking Slot

1E’s Windows 10 Innovation Sparks Ignite Speaking Slot

Exciting news! 1E’s Mike Terrill has been invited by Microsoft to present a special breakout session, Prepare for Windows 10 and UEFI, at Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta next week. We take it is as a real credit to the work we’ve been doing in an area we know is so important to Microsoft’s Windows 10 deployment plans.

Ever since its Windows 10 launch, Microsoft has been adamant: the main reason the world’s enterprises should be migrating to its new OS (and sooner rather than later) is security. You want a secure enterprise? Well, Windows 10 has Secure Boot, Device Guard and Credential Guard, to enable this.

However, Microsoft also wants its enterprise users to utilize Configuration Manager and to enjoy a fully automated, stress-free migration.

Here’s the rub: to get a fully secure Windows 10, with all those features, users still operating on BIOS mode need to transition to UEFI. For machines running Windows 7, this requires a potentially time consuming and disruptive wipe and load approach.

1E has developed the solution to this challenge: the new Nomad 6.1 allows user to switch from BIOS to UEFI in a fully automated fashion, without disrupting the wider network.

This isn’t the only way 1E can help businesses achieve their Windows 10 goals. At next week’s session, Ignite’s delegates can learn all about the differences between BIOS and UEFI, the benefits of UEFI, and Windows 10 security benefits available when running UEFI, as well as how to use Configuration Manager to inventory systems running UEFI. Add the session to your agenda or stop by booth 258 to talk to a 1E migration expert. We’ll see you there!