Remediating stability issues with Tachyon Experience

Jason Keogh
Jason Keogh
Sep 08, 2020
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In Jason Keogh’s latest Tachyon Tuesday blog, he introduced the first of a four-part series on Tachyon Experience. This week’s vlog showcases the use cases for the Stability module of Tachyon Experience.

Stability is the measure of “crashiness” to find out how often applications or the OS itself crash or hang and has the greatest impact on the overall “Experience Score” for a device. If a device is performing well and is responsive to the user, but is crashing and hanging often, the user isn’t going to be pleased with the device. Stability, therefore, is the very foundation of user experience.

The power of Tachyon Experience is in its ability to remediate issues, not just highlight them. See how this applies to Stability issues in your endpoint environment in this vlog.

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