Sep 21, 2016 Thomas McGrath

White Paper: Windows 10 Migration for the Enterprise

White Paper: Windows 10 Migration for the Enterprise

When it comes to your Windows 10 migration, 1E is all about empowering our community.

Our Software Intelligence tool, for example, can give anyone a free snapshot of their organization’s Windows 10 readiness. Now, this brand new ‘Windows 10 Migration for the Enterprise’ white paper will give you all the guidance you need to prepare for the transition to the world’s most secure and advanced enterprise operating system.

This white paper is intended for any IT leader with a responsibility for systems security, end user computing or IT infrastructure. It examines, in detail, how companies should be preparing for migration – from picking the right migration strategy to ensuring the hardware and software are properly prepared.

From there it looks at the execution of the process (how to automate, schedule and initiate) and even how to follow through, and successfully adapt to the Windows 10 servicing model.

There’s a lot more information than this also, exploring important topics such as security, user state migration, and more. Download it today.