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New Survey of 1,000+ IT Pros Shows They Spend Nearly One Third of Their Time Reacting to Emergencies


Constant disruptions detract from innovation; most incidents involve outages and performance issues

NEW YORK, NY – 1E, which provides the only software lifecycle automation solutions that can handle both routine IT tasks and emergency actions in real time, announced today the results of an exclusive survey of 1,014 IT professionals who together manage more than 21 million endpoints globally. The survey centered on unplanned activities — how often they occur, what types are most common, and the time spent identifying and addressing issues.

Highlights from the survey include:

  • On average, IT workers spend 29 percent of every day reacting to unplanned incidents or emergencies. Based on a full-time work schedule of 1,700 hours per year, this equates to more than 14 weeks a year.
  • More than half (51 percent) of respondents spend between a quarter and their whole day, every day, reacting to unplanned incidents.
  • The most common incidents are operations related — such as outages and performance issues.
  • While nearly half of these incidents are discovered with an hour, the mean time to fix them is more than five hours.
  • Companies with 50,000+ seats are three times more likely to take over a week to resolve a business-critical request.

Sumir Karayi, founder and CEO of 1E, said, “We knew that IT teams spend a lot of time on unplanned incidents, but we didn’t think it was this high — one third of their time. That’s taking a huge toll on their ability to innovate.”

“Most enterprises are using either Microsoft SCCM or IBM BigFix,” continued Karayi, “which are superb tools for the execution of those hundreds of thousands of tasks required daily for the secure and smooth maintenance of large computer estates — but they lack the ability to identify and remediate severe problems instantly. This survey points to the need for better tools for enabling IT teams to resolve issues quickly.”

On March 7, 1E launched Tachyon, the fastest Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) platform which enables IT teams to instantly query and control all endpoints. Tachyon has been lauded for its ability to help IT teams handle big problems in seconds rather than hours or days.

To download the full report, titled “The 1E 2017 IT Incident Response Report,” visit

About 1E
In an age where every business depends on software for its daily operations, only 1E’s Software Lifecycle Automation solutions allow companies to fully automate routine IT tasks and respond to infrastructure emergencies in real time. 1E’s solutions enhance Microsoft’s SCCM and complement other device management platforms to manage the entire software lifecycle — request, acquire, deploy, secure, retire — and allow IT teams to work faster and stay focused on business-critical innovation. 1,700+ customers around the world, including Verizon Wireless, Dell, ING, Nestlé, BNP Paribas and Ford Motor Company, rely on 1E to gain unprecedented insight and control over their IT estates. Learn more at or follow @1E_Global.

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