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Case study

How WES Discovered Employees Were Suffering in Silence

World Education Services (WES) is a non-profit dedicated to helping students, immigrants and refugees achieve their educational goals in the US and Canada. It has provided over three million academic credential evaluations, relying on business processes and workforce uptime to deliver them in just seven business days. WES has been using 1E since 2021 to maintain strict SLAs and compliance across remote locations.
WES - World Education Services

The Challenge

Maintaining strict SLAs and compliance across remote locations

Without a VPN, WES needed to ensure that devices used for remote working could be managed in a coherent and centralized way. They also lacked visibility of the end user and the IT team could only work reactively, responding to tickets and outages rather than proactively identifying issues. As well as a lack of visibility into the end state, user sentiment and metrics were not being captured.

The Solution

With 1E, 500 remote locations can be managed centrally without needing to be on the network. With better visibility of end users, the IT team can work with them more proactively, identifying issues and remediating them much faster than before.

User sentiment is also now captured with 1E’s Employee Sentiment solution, showing problems where users were previously suffering in silence, as well as tracking the positive uplift in how users feel about better efficiency. In fact, users now say it’s the best tech support they’ve ever had. What’s more, compliance is controlled centrally, providing a security view of the entire enterprise whilst also delivering a vastly improved Digital Employee Experience.


  • User experience metrics now trend upwards for user sentiment, in line with improved responsiveness and performance.
  • 20% less support tickets have been opened: thanks to 1E Endpoint Automation where problems are managed before they become apparent to the user.
  • The IT team spends less time dealing with Tier 1 tickets because of self-healing and endpoint automation fixes, meaning they can devote more time to Tier 2 requests.
  • On security, 1E enables WES to remotely secure mobile devices when an employee leaves – something previously prevented by their hybrid active directory environment.