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A Decade of Painless Distribution and Asset Management

For more than a decade, 1E has been central to how IT manages a complex hybrid environment at one of North America’s largest environmental solutions providers, serving millions of residential and commercial customers.
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Read on to discover

  • How 1E saves countless hours and cost over 1,000 sites
  • The real impact of accurate, real-time patching
  • Why IT peers are astonished to hear that nearly 25,000 machines can be managed by just two team members


For over a decade, 1E has played a crucial role in supporting the operations of this prominent company across its global operations. This leading environmental solutions provider offers sustainable recycling services to millions of customers across the United States, Canada and beyond. Along with recycling services, they are also actively involved in organics and renewable energy initiatives, making them arguably one of the largest recyclers of post-consumer materials and a key player in reusing landfill gas.
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The driving force behind the use of 1E

More than ten years ago, the company transitioned to 1E, specifically 1E Content Distribution. The rapid expansion of their network across the United States and beyond made traditional methods of software distribution, such as downloading to each machine or deploying to distribution points at every location, extremely painful and costly.

The benefits of 1E

1E became an integral part of how the SCCM administrators at the company managed various deployment, patching, and security tasks, immediately transforming peer-to-peer file sharing.

1E has realized significant cost savings for the company. Patching secures and protects the environment from outside threats and vulnerabilities, as well as fixing bugs. Since the transition to 1E, the company has not experienced any major security breaches or vulnerabilities, thanks to the effective patching facilitated by 1E.

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