Inside the Tachyon Platform: A technical analysis of the platform and how it empowers real-time endpoint management

Tachyon 5.0 takes technology innovation for the digital business to the next level. Using patented technology, 1E has created the first-ever solution that enables IT to monitor and remediate end-user endpoint issues in real-time. In this technical whitepaper, we’ll show you how Tachyon makes this happen.

In this whitepaper, we take a deep dive into Tachyon’s key technical differentiators, including:

  • Measuring how devices are responding to end user commands in real-time using 1E’s patented technology called synthetic microtransactions
  • Using a single-agent architecture for extensibility and streamlined resolution times
  • Using a single-packet exchange to limit the load on the organization’s network bandwidth
  • Adopting an API/integration first principle so Tachyon seamlessly integrates into your existing IT toolkit

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