NightWatchman Considerations for your ConfigMgr Migration

NightWatchman (NWM) can be used with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM, or ConfigMgr) in various ways. When you upgrade ConfigMgr in place, NWM should continue working as previously. However, if you upgrade ConfigMgr by building a new parallel infrastructure, there can be some details that should be considered in order to ensure NightWatchman operational continuity.

This document outlines those considerations and best practices that should help to address any challenges that could result from your migration. It does not address upgrade-in-place scenarios or new NightWatchman installations.

For those scenarios please see the documentation at https://help.1E.com. This document also doesn’t address complex changes you might introduce at the same time as the migration, such as starting to require high availability. For such complex scenarios, contact 1E Support or Professional Services.

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